Good day today, fairly productive, especially this morning, much of my to-do list done. There's stuff that didn't get crossed off, but I'm good with that. Three of the big items were accomplished. This was my first weekday to work from the new home office. Now, do I go work out tonight, or not? #work #life
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Good morning! Or evening! Or afternoon, whatever your zone!

I missed my banana and papaya almondshake this morning, but had some nice Earl Grey tea and buttered and toasted bread made fresh at the store. Ready to roll. Doing office hours at #homeoffice already. The day started early, much to do, list is long, but we'll tackle it one thing at a time. "Grain by grain the chicken fills its crop."

Verdade! E English Breakfast e Irish Breakfast e ... :)
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Ah, verdade, eu tinha esquecido do grupo.

E os brasileiros apreciam muito o chá mate.

Quando vem a SJCampos, a TortaStore é parada obrigatória para a seleção de chás.

Ecclesiastes 9 Commentary - Mark Dunagan Commentary on the Bible
"Whatever your hands finds to do, verily, do it with all your might; for there is no activity or planning or wisdom in Sheol where you are going."

"Whatever….do it with all your might"-i.e. what you can accomplish, do! In the above verses, God isn"t advocating a drifting along, do nothing, addicted to pleasure attitude in life. There is work to be done, talents to use. "And at this time the brevity of life has become a spur, as it did our Lord when He spoke of the onset of night, "When no one can work" (John )" (Kidner p. 84). "Throw yourself into" (Mof).

Point To Note:

Eternal life is great, but that doesn"t mean that this earthly life doesn"t matter. God isn"t impressed by the religious person who attempts to justify their present laziness by saying, "I"m supposed to lay up treasures in heaven, not upon the earth", or, "I don"t need to plan for my physical future, because I just know that God will take care of me." God expects us to make the most of each day, to make the most of the physical blessings that we receive and to make the most of our marriages, families, human relationships and employment. Clearly, righteous people should be seen as people who love the Lord and love life, who have a zest for God and a zest for living. There should be no such thing as a boring, lazy, apathetic, or unmotivated Christian. God wants us to do everything with zeal and enthusiasm.

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Work went fast and efficient this morning. Then it slowed down to a crawl about 4 pm. Good enough for me.

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Yesterday, I threw away a number of books, magazines, and papers. Even felt good. Must do more of this, especially considering I may be leaving this office in the near future.

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here we have kind of boxes on street and when you don't want a book you can put in this box and someone who want to have a book can take it for free. Books can have a second life. I think this idea is great. That could be exported.
I've given away many books, but these aren't probably of interest to anyone. Your suggestion is a great one, though.

My office is near the little light-blue building at the far right. Though I might be leaving that location, after 16 years.


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Today's a holiday here. I went to the office anyway. Quiet on the streets. Found a place to eat lunch. Wasn't terribly productive, but better than taking more time off.

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Moving late and slow this morning, but moving!

* Got the VOTD posted, next up, the Portuguese meditation. Then ... lessee what's on the list.

* Downed my almondshake, soon ready for phase II of breakfast.

* Headed for a meet in Taubaté this afternoon about the magazine.

The day holds good promise. Let's make it so!

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OK, time to quit playing with #Vivaldi and do some real #work, like the meditation for tomorrow's DeusConosco.com.
Saw and liked the initial idea tonight of a plan for my home office, with plenty of cubicle-style shelving, long work surface, and corner reading chair.

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With a floor lamp. And a small sofa. Now to see if we can afford it.

Arrived this morning, some chores done, much to do still to get back in the swing. After 5 weeks of being away, there's much to catch up with, food to buy, etc. Stairs to my office, shared by a music school, are being redone, so I can't get in until Wed. Since I can work from home, no sweat there.

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Not online as much the past few days, in order to work magazine and books. Got a new issue of the mag to the printer on Fri.

Did this online today, however: http://cristaos.org/m/ignorar-deus/

And this: http://randalmatheny.com/glory-emcompassing/

My habit tracker is looking sparse, probably will until Mon. or Tues.

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Ever have a day when you get more done on your day off than your regular working day?

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Taking up again, for the final time, I hope, editing our dictionary of biblical vocabulary. In Portuguese. Though as many English speakers as I'm getting now, maybe time to think of doing one in English. As if another were needed.

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I think I get more done in the wee hours of the morning than any other time of day. A fine time those early hours are, with quiet and fresh air and a sharp mind.

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Haven't been online much lately as I #work to get our print magazine in Brazil going again.
Planning ahead, further than I had, on some messages for this and next week, putting some bones to the outlines. Feels good to be doing it this early.

Topics I'm working on: true riches, the perfect work, and control of the tongue in James 3.

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Three outlines from yesterday and today put online tonight. Not bad!

Irmãos em Cristo - irmaos@cats.pm

Two make up part of a series, one on perfect things, the other on the letter of James. The one from yesterday was a single message in neighboring city, in hopes of starting a new work eventually.

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