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This is an exercise we’ve done with several chapters in the book of Proverbs for our own edification. This seven-fold list might encourage you.

Wisdom (and the truth behind it) is discoverable, 1-11. We can know the truth, Jn 8.31-32. Pilate’s question, “What is truth?” has an answer.
To “call out for” discernment and “raise your voice” for understanding, 3, indicate the intensity of desire for wisdom, reinforced by verse 4. The search must be real and all-consuming, or “extreme” (now a positive quality).

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Ecclesiastes 8 Commentary - Mark Dunagan Commentary on the Bible
"The wise man knows how to explain difficult things, to unfold mysterious things; in short, he understands how to go to the foundation of things" (Keil/Del. p. 336).

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and God bless.
On the sayings of the wise and Scriptures in general:

"For it will be pleasant if you keep them within you, That they may be ready on your lips" Proverbs 22.18 NASB.

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"For the wise the path of life leads upward, in order to avoid Sheol below" Proverbs 15.24 NRSV.

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The equivalent phrase to "Common sense" in Portuguese is "good sense" (bom senso). The latter makes more sense because the referent, quite the opposite to stupidity, is anything but common.

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Love this comment on Psalm 119.104, about love for and obedience to God's word: "In summary (104), this is the way to a sound mind (understanding, grasping and discerning the truth), to reliable emotions (hate) and to right living (path)" (J.A. Motyer, NBC21).

The verse says: "Through your precepts I get understanding; therefore I hate every false way" (NRSV).

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