I missed the eclipse, below th' equator,
And closing doors of the elevator,
The last piece of the chocolate pie,
The timing of my smart reply.

#poetry #verse #quatrains

Woe is me! My life is hard,
I can't enjoy a slice of cheese;
If from the juice of cows I'm barred,
At least I enjoy the nectar of bees.

#verse #poetry

No one's home on Friday night,
So governments give bad news;
By Monday morning there's no fright,
The weekend bombs diffuse.

#verse #weekend #poetry

We're writing a poem on Hubzilla,
Ensconced in our small villa,
We're filled with glee, and poetry,
Our ice cream isn't vanilla.

#verse #silliness
What snazzy line breaks.
I'm pleased as punch.