Bom dia! #tzag Ninguem mais diz: "Quem deseja?", no telefone mais, quando alguém liga para outro, pois pouco gente tem linha fixa hoje. Exceto a gente. As coisas não estão se mudando, já mudaram! Alguma mudança é boa, mas prefiro Aquele que não muda, Hebreus 13.7.

Good morning! Nobody says anymore: "Who would you like to speak with?", on the telephone, when somebody calls another, since few folk have a land line today. Except us. Times are not a-changin', they have changed! Some change is good, but I prefer Him who does not change, Hebrews 13.7.

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Good morning! (#tzag ) I just wrote to someone close to me that I always come back to the goodness of God and his care for his children. He has proven it time and again in my life.

A verse I have underlined in my Bible is Psalm 119.68: 'You are good and you do good. Teach me your statutes!' (NET)

Perceiving his goodness leads one to want to know his will.

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Good morning, earthlings! I slept late this quiet Saturday morning, up at 6.40 after a long day on #BlackFriday avoiding all the frenzied buying. I went into a total of two commercial establishments, both of them eateries.

The Wikipedia article on BF is way out of date for Brazil, BF signs are all over the place. A friend said that much of it is hype, so it's also called Black Fraude (fraud). Some stores just leave the price as is, and put a sticker on a R$100 product saying it *was* R$180.

Oh, yes, they use the English phrase here. Makes it more cool. The word SALE and OFF (as in 50% OFF) has been used as well rather frequently. Of course, they are lots shorter than PROMOÇÃO, which'll take up most of your window space.

Today, we're going to have a five o'clock #tea for a few friends in our neighborhood. The Missus is making a chicken paté, and we're buying a palm-heart pie from the TortaStore. Come join us!

Time to do a bit of work. Make it a great day today. I plan to.