Destination of a long journey reached. Needed: rest, food, bath. So have travelers in all eras needed after a trek, be it on foot, by carriage, or by a flying metal tube.

How's it goin? I've been in the air and on the road.

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Through Mexico City airport a few days before the earthquake. And next week we'll go back home by the same route.

Nashville TN, various points in Arkansas, now N.E. Mississippi, next week back to Nashville to retrace steps.

What made yours interesting?
Well, my work situation has become uncertain for the first time in over eight years.  That's the biggie.  My two main clients, both seminaries in Chicago, want to hire me directly and share me between the two of them.  My current employer is not too keen on the idea.  I knew that my current employer was a typical company, but I didn't expect them to be this ugly.

Other than that, I'm getting pretty close to having a rough prototype for a device used for geological mapping that I'm pretty excited about.  I'm planning on getting custom PCBs made up for it, and learning enough CAD to 3d print the cases.  I'm hoping to get it certified with the Open Source Hardware Association, too.

I'm thankful that I've learned how to channel anxiety into creative distractions instead of self-destructive ones.
Great to be able to focus that concern in positive ways. I'm still trying to learn that.

Have been away from the internet for several days, while with family and friends. Arrived home last night, after unhappy experiences with airline. We're safe and well, so that's what matters.

Arrived this morning, some chores done, much to do still to get back in the swing. After 5 weeks of being away, there's much to catch up with, food to buy, etc. Stairs to my office, shared by a music school, are being redone, so I can't get in until Wed. Since I can work from home, no sweat there.

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We are glad to be home again. Travel on this holiday weekend was calm. My stomach is a bit worse from different foods, but tomorrow ought to return it to normal. I gave away the bride and did not trip down the aisle, so I consider the event a success.

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