Soon will be time for a new laptop. Windows, nem pensar. Apple may be my only option, as last time. (10 years with a refurbished model, but don't expect today's Apple products to be as good.) If I had a good open source option, easy to use for non-techie, not expensive, that'd be ideal. #technology #options
 from Diaspora
Dell just released one with Ubuntu
How do Dell products hold up? I will check into it, thanks.

Phone Substitutes To Cure Smartphone Addiction: Why We Obsess Over Touchscreen Devices
Image/photoThe addiction is real. The mini heart attack moment we have when we cannot find our phones is proof enough of our dependence.

Now, Austrian designer Klemens Schillinger has created a device to help smartphone addicts cope in its absence. He has named it the Substitute Phone.

Schillinger designed five facsimile phones, made of black polyoxymethylene plastic, with stone beads embedded on the surface. The idea is to allow users to replicate familiar actions, such as scrolling, pinching, or swiping. The goal is to use it as a coping mechanism for someone trying to check their phones less.

Reckon they'll work as designed?

#coping #addictions #technology
How I cured my tech fatigue by ditching feeds | TechCrunch
Funny that the site this article is published on uses ... FB comments plugin.


How Apple’s iPhone changed the world: 10 years in 10 charts - Recode
Supermarket checkout lines — strategically stocked with magazines and candy — were for a long time a major point of sale for gum. Consumers waiting on line to pay would look around and make impulse buys. Now, however, we’re so consumed with our phones that we’re not reaching for a pack of gum to stave off our boredom. Indeed, gum sales have declined 15 percent since 2007, the year the iPhone came out, according to market research firm Euromonitor International.

You've probably read this, but it's new to me. Somehow, this point seemed significant, though I've never been a chewing-gum chewer.

Fortune magazine says NYT opens up comments with Google-backed AI.
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Got the Post option in the bookmark bar for #Vivaldi as well as #BraveBrowser. One click and I can type and share. Now if I just had a bookmarklet for #Hubzilla on Brave to share links of others. If this were a perfect world ...

Don't know what I'll go to after my old MacBook gives out, but I can't see myself ever going back to Windows. I'd love to go to some Linux something-or-other, but I don't have the smarts to install or to do upkeep on it. Ran across the Elementary OS site, which I know nothing about, but looks cool, and that got me to thinking about my OS future again. #technology
Thanks to you both. When I'm in a position to work on something, I'll keep you posted. And probably yell for help. :)
I replaced the video with a better quality one, for easier reading. (And added som music.)

Johann Strauss!!! 8-|
If thaught of Steve Strauss or at least Richard Strauss... but I've to admit it fits very well for this installation procedure and I like it. :-D
Brought back two cordless desk phones to replace our old ones, one of which is some 23-24 years old. Way past time.

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Trying not to live in a throw-away society ... :)
um meu amigo italiano chegou aqui em casa (ferias no Brasil) outro dia, com um smartphone um pouco menor do que o meu (que não é essa coisa toda), bom, o 'bichinho' cheio de problemas, super lento e tal, e ele quase no desespero ( é o primeiro smartphone dele)...
"olha  meu amigo, vou te contar um segredo: essas coisas aqui tipo o whatsapp e esses programinhas do google, que rodam o tempo todo, é exatamente essa M...A que está atrapalhando e complicando a vida do seu "bichinho". Se vc não dar um jeito nisso as coisas não vão melhorar....."

Moral da historia: não sei mais se essa -tecnologia- está de facto ajudando  ou atrapalhando mais a nossa vida :-D
Então, meu cel é ainda do tipo fliptop, lá do Séc. XX, hehe. Nada de internet ou app.

Sabe, li a respeito de um CEO que recusa a ter cellfone. Não é má ideia não.