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I makes posts with this tag:

I made one tonight with the same tag. (Does 7points equal 7Points?) After I edited the post, it no longer shows up when I click on 7points in the tag cloud. But when I click on the tag in the post, it throws me to the search feature for 7points, which is apparently what they all do. What's happening here? Why doesn't tonight's post show up in the tag cloud? Is it because it was edited? Did that change something?

I understand, but when I looked at it, the last line of the tag did not contain the empty tay zrl field.
Yesterday, at the right time , I had the bright idea of using "view source" ( and did a screenshot).
Sometimes it is very useful to use this little tool ;-).
Good reminder.
#TiddlyWiki has a feature to be able to list in a tiddler all the tiddlers with specific tags:

<<list-links filter:"[tag[productivity]]">>

Is anything like this possible in #Hubzilla?

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But we can't put these results into a post or page?
Define "we".
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haha Good one. We as in one like me who has limited knowledge of workings under the hood.