The trucker strike is winding down, and now the oil refinery workers have gone on strike. There's a political element to it all, especially the latter strike. They want to bring down the government. (Some want the military to step back in; others, for the socialists to take over.) Meanwhile, the people suffer and the country reels from billions of dollars of damage. As an example, 65 million birds were sacrificed last week for lack of feed, causing, besides the economic disaster, an environmental crisis. The country depends almost entirely on trucking for the movement of goods and products.

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‘The city’ Proverbs 11.10 VOTD | Fellowship Room
“When the righteous do well, the city rejoices; when the wicked perish, there is joy.”
See the link for comments on the verse.

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Article serves to remind that US was not supposed to be a majority-voting democracy. The Electoral College is a buffer against it. The scholar's proposal sounds far-fetched, but does highlight the function of this body of electors.


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Did the presidential candidate on the Equal Rights ticket not receive any EC votes? She was actually the first female prez candidate. Hillary is the first from a "major" party, but not the first.
I guess that would be Victoria Woodhull. I see no EC votes for her in the years she ran.
Sounds right. I read it somewhere, but forgot details.