GNU Social instance I was using just got taken down without notice. *Sigh* Tends to make one wary of independent efforts. And hard to recommend to others. Some time back I tried installing a GS instance on my server account using an auto service, but it has problems that a low-brow like me can't fix.

It's been a bumpy ride. TiddlySpace. Some Friendica and Red spots. And tremors now with Hubzilla.

Even commercial offerings that I liked like Posterous have gone belly up. (It was bought out.) Posthaven, which for a while I believed in enough to pay for, went zombie.

I joined Twitter in 2008. Still have my account there, used for auto-posts from my site. But who wants to go back to tweeting? Nah.

Take this as my blowing off steam.

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I've had a few Friendica accounts here and there over the years. I liked it a lot, but there was always this issue with servers run by enthusiasts that do it in their spare time. There's time issues, hardware issues, money issues, and at rare times skill issues that seem to eventually lead to the planned or abrupt shutdown. And then you have to find a new server...
Nomadic identity and clones are really THE most outstanding thing about Hubzilla. Just gotta love it:-).
Very true, Maria. Now that I've got mine cloned and learned how to use it, I'm set, just in case.

The owner of the GS instance has opened another, under another domain, but I think I'll stay where I am on the new one I've opened. And probably the last one, if this one goes under.
"In short, peer pressure is always terrible, and social media are a megaphone for peer pressure."

I’m Thinking It Over


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I keep thinking about my first protestor’s complaint that if people can’t respond to me via Twitter or blog comments they might not respond at all. Given my experience of both public Twitter and blog comment threads, my thought is: feature, not bug.


I last tweeted in April of 2014 (one of 2 tweets that year) and it was to tell people to look for me here. The only reason I haven't deleted it is so that I have the ability to log in and see non-public tweets of friends (which I have yet to feel the need to do, so that is a pretty bad reason).
Ya hear that Twitter is thinking about allowing tweets now up to 10k characters? Will be the death of them.