What was that social network that got tons of buzz, all black and white with a fixed font, you had to sign up and wait to get accepted. I signed up, logged in once, then figured, nah, not my thing. Now I can't even remember it's name. Wondered what happened to it.

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Sounds like something my wife also signed up for. I forget what it was, too.
I was close. I thought of "allo", but that seems to be a google thing.
Reminds me of Portuguese, alô, the equivament to hello. Speaking of which, remember Heello? That was a nice Birdy knockoff. A Russian chap has done heello.ru. Nothing known about what's under the hood or the driver, however.
Pretty much my point, too.
Facebook is only a tool that will be obsolete someday. Hubzilla is a wonderful set of tools that has potential to assist the church even more. A tool cannot be the church of course.
I've been getting an expired security certificate notice for some time now. Sorry I've not been around.

Remember: #Facebook or #Twitter do not give you an accurate feel for the state of your particular interest or field. Not everybody is on those social media. It may well be that those who count for most are absent.

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Just the usual on those sites.

On sites galore (but not on Twitter),
I spread my verse and rhythmic litter,
But I, to be honest, decline to stoop
To post on a Facebook status or group.

I much prefer, when said and done,
To post my poems and words upon
My own domains and, matter of course,
The social web of open source.

If you prefer the commercial tent,
Where you become the coin that’s spent,
Your life for sale — for you, that's fine —
But as for me, my content's mine.

#poetry #social media #freedom

I seldom tweet directly on Twitter anymore. I still get some of my news there, but am even weaning away from that. I keep my accounts, retweet some, do the auto-tweets from #Wordpress and #Hubzilla. (So most of my tweets start elsewhere—like this one.) Like FB, #Twitter is squeezing the user, making choices for him and imposing viewpoints. Sorry, I choose to go elsewhere.

(This is true also for one host of an open-source social medium, so I'm backing off from it, too.)

#social media #freedom