I read a lot of stuff I don't understand fully, in technology, finance, and other areas. I sometimes get the gist, sometimes not. But it gives me an idea about tendencies, bleed-over from one area to another, broadens my thinking, even if it is sometimes foggy or vague.

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In our reading group, we’re doing a series I call “Impressive chapters of the Bible.” The choice of chapters is somewhat arbitrary, of course. Or maybe "personal" is the better term. Since we’re traveling next week, I have two more weeks to wind down the series. So tonight, it’s 1 John 4.


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Just finished reading:

T.B. Williams, «Reciprocity and Suffering in 1 Peter 2,19-20: Reading "caris" in Its Ancient Social Context.», Vol. 97 (2016) 421-439.


Good to read something challenging now and again.

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In some softwares and WP themes, there are reading time estimates, based, one supposes, on some average figure of words per minute.

In today's Believing Prayer, I set a one-minute reading time, more to encourage people to click and read and pray. (Link: http://believingprayer.com/god-working/)

Years ago, a book was published called One-Minute Manager. Though one's spiritual life cannot be contained in one-minute prayers, neither are they inappropriate.

Prayer doesn't have to be long. It does have to be sustained.

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All prayers must be less than 140 characters and may not include attachments..
So we must learn to be concise. Get to the point. ;-)
Reading Jas Michener's Chesapeake.

(Is there no general reading or book group?)

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Used to be @Bookclub.
I thought I'd seen one somewhere. Giving me a page-not-found message.