Work went fast and efficient this morning. Then it slowed down to a crawl about 4 pm. Good enough for me.

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Afternoon was more productive than the morning, which is unusual. But there's an explanation for it: while waiting on lunch to be served, I jotted down the three big things I wanted to do, on a 4x6 index card, assigned them approximate time slots, and sketched out the direction I wanted to take those three. One of them wound up with some detailed outlines. After I did that, I wrote under the list of the three items, "Do these three, and then you're free." Of course, we had our workout at 5 pm, and we'll have our weekly reading in a few minutes, but I meant free as far as the afternoon work was done.

I got the three things done to my satisfaction. Pleased with myself. Of course, I had earlier included in my prayer this morning to be able to get some good things done today. So credit where credit is due, as the #prayer was answered—and might still be in the process of being answered, since the day is not over yet. #planning #productivity


After more than a year with this organizational system.

#Bullet Journal #productivity


"Hairy-scary things to do" is the name of a new project page in my #bulletjournal, a list of some things that seem to loom so large in my mind I shrink from doing them. With a funny title and scraggly lines, the page cuts them down to size.

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  • Cloudy and drizzly day kept temps down, dampened noise and movement, seems like, in the city. Glorious.
  • Almost a month with #BulletJournal (started on the 1st), have kept it up well, #productivity up significantly. Am well pleased. Think I'll keep it.
  • Wrote this on Twitter SermonLines: A sermon is an act of hope, an attitude of faith, a conviction that God can reach a wayward heart and that the Good News will save someone.
  • My question for the webmaster: If an uploaded #TiddlyWiki is loaded completely when a visitor goes to the site, will that elevate the usage on the host? My sites are so popular ...
  • Recommended to asmallorange on Twitter that they offer #GNUsocial and #Hubzilla as preinstalled programs. For microblogging they had three old items.
  • The Lord is good, and only good he does; / Why don't we see? Why isn't the world abuzz?
  • "When you seek me in prayer and worship, you will find me available to you. If you seek me with all your heart and soul, I will make myself available to you,’ says the Lord" Jeremiah 29.13-14a NET.

Best thing I ever did, way back when, was turn off (almost) all email notifications for those many services I was a part of. Sanity returned to my inbox. (I also cut down on what services and sites I was on.)