I forgot my outline for my message this morning. I often speak without one, so it wasn't too much of a disaster. The Missus asked me to repeat it tonight, so it couldn't have been too bad, right? Unless she plans on sleeping ...

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Hey, Jake, I'm often misreading stuff.

Eat humbly? Humble pie?

Where'd you come up with this stuff?
Sorry, I meant to set it up like those Mad Libs that I did as a kid, where you would have a short story with blanks that called for a verb or an adjective or a noun.  You'd ask your friends for a random noun or what not, and it would make the story really goofy.  Your tag was #no ad lib, and I misread it as #no mad lib.

The text was originally about Micah 6:8, and is a very abridged version of part of an incredible panel on Liberation Theology that I attended last week ("To walk humbly with God, you must walk where God is walking.  He is walking in the crack houses, He is walking in the homeless shelters, He is walking in the prisons where we cage black bodies.  That is where we need to be walking, too").  I just changed it so that it looked like a Mad Lib due to my misreading of your tag, and wondering to myself what a Mad Lib sermon would look like.

Sorry for the confusion, @JRandal .  Just me being goofy and irreverent.
Oh, I figured you were being goofy, that much came through. :-)

Thanks for the background, it helped. The Mad Libs must have been after my time.
Planning ahead, further than I had, on some messages for this and next week, putting some bones to the outlines. Feels good to be doing it this early.

Topics I'm working on: true riches, the perfect work, and control of the tongue in James 3.

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