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The title of the book of devotionals written for Hillary Clinton, Strong for a Moment Like This, sounds a lot like Mordechai's word to Esther:
"In fact, if you don’t speak up at this very important time, relief and rescue will appear for the Jews from another place, but you and your family will die. But who knows? Maybe it was for a moment like this that you came to be part of the royal family" Esther 4.14 CEB.

The CEB was a version in which the UMC participated, and its publisher, Abingdon Press, distributes it, and may well be the version used in the devotional book, since both are published by Abingdon. (I've not seen it, obviously.)

So now we have Hillary channeling Esther?

(Idea came to me reading this.)

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More than 23k jobs lost in #SJCampos and neighboring cities since Jan/2001. Whole RMVale area with total loss of 17.5k.


So that experience on the farm as a kid might still come in handy, eh? I'd rather not, but then a man's gotta eat.
Does humanity ever learn anything from a war?
Besides learning new ways of killing each other?

After last night | Power Line
Rubio gave an eloquent concession speech. Nothing became his campaign like the leaving of it.

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Police invaded house of Brazil's ex-prez Lula as part of massive Lava-Jato corruption investigation; he was detained for questioning. If it can happen here, of all places, maybe it can happen elsewhere?

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People talk about how Trump is playing the media. I think the media is playing Trump, or it's collusion between them, along with Billary. That's my conspiracy theory. FWIW. (Does that make me sound like a wacko?)

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Pro-business is good, but cronyism is the rule of the day.
I'd say "pro-market" as cronyism can be "pro-business" (at least for certain businesses)
That's probably a better expression.
Venezuela Sees Crude in Mid-$20s If OPEC Doesn't Act - Bloomberg Business
“We cannot allow that the market continue controlling the price,” Del Pino said. “The principles of OPEC were to act on the price of the crude oil, and we need to go back to the principles of OPEC.”

Let's be a price-gouging cartel again!