In my own little world it's lonely,
Surrounded by a palisade
With space for one, dying slowly,
Behind my hiding wall, afraid.

Oldie but goody: "A Bath, a Bed, A Load of Bread"


Empty Our Souls – Believing Prayer
Clear away the fog that we,
O Lord of lights, might glory in you.
May we rejoice in the Holy One
who sweeps away the enemy’s hate.

Two more stanzas at link.

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A space from there to here, measured subjectively
From one extended galaxy to another
Between are stars and asteroids and exploding matter
By no means empty but
And void of sound, no words to understand

The mercy of God continually brings surprises —
In them the Joy-Bringer specializes.

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So Much Newness! – Walking with God


OK, I'll quit writing in a bit.

So many have gone, but we remain,
A quiet vision holds us fast,
We will not fade from this domain,
We'll leave when we have breathed our last.

#poetry #steadfastness
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I clicked like, but that didn't adequately express what I wanted to express. That's superb.
Thanks, Mike.

As Jesus Shook Foundations – Believing Prayer
O God, who walked this earth and looked
His fellow man eye to eye,
Who touched and healed the sick and lame,
Who took upon yourself our blame:
Make our own words sanctify
Those who surround us — as Jesus shook
Foundations, let our faith transform
Souls who must face the coming storm.

That's all of it.

#prayer #poetry #transformation

I missed the eclipse, below th' equator,
And closing doors of the elevator,
The last piece of the chocolate pie,
The timing of my smart reply.

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"Like the Lord"


Discipleship means being like the Lord Jesus Christ, starting with #love.

The Humble Son to Lead – Believing Prayer
You, O Lord, created me,
A living soul,
A breathing spirit, full and free,
Complete and whole.

#prayer #poetry #redemption
The Cold of Winter – Walking with God
The cold of winter seeps into my bones,
My body aches, my limbs are hard to move,
The heavy air would lull my eyes to sleep;

#poetry #devotion #enthusiasm