Psalm 119:147-148 - Private Devotion - Don Treadway
1. Great men of God were noted for engaging in private devotions
a. Isaac meditated in the field at evening - Genesis 24:63
b. David prayed three times daily, meditated on his bed at night - Psalm 55:17; 63:6
c. Daniel's custom was to pray three times daily - Daniel 6:10
2. Private devotions are encouraged by the Son of God
a. Jesus sought solitary places at early morn and late night - Mark 1:35; Luke 6:12
b. He counseled His disciples to pray in secret - Matthew 6:6
3. You may faithfully attend public worship with God's people, but do you also take the time to engage in daily, private devotions?

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Three outlines from yesterday and today put online tonight. Not bad!

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Two make up part of a series, one on perfect things, the other on the letter of James. The one from yesterday was a single message in neighboring city, in hopes of starting a new work eventually.

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