From my friend Don R.:
What is the mystery of godliness? – Email Devotionals
God left heaven and lived among us, taking on a body as we have. He was justified in the Spirit, angels saw Him, His name has been preached to the nations, the world believed on Him, and finally, He went up into heaven. Knowing and believing these things moves a person to devote a life to God.

Bold is mine. Added to "Stoke the Fire" section on motivations.

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This appeared on Twitter: "Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great." —John D. Rockefeller.

Don't be distracted by the name who supposedly said it.

Is it true that one should give up the good to go for the great?

If it is true, does the urging not to be afraid to pursue the great logically follow?

If it does, have you identified both the good and the great, so as to be able to give up the one and go for the other?

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I like #teaching. #Counseling, not so much. My thought is, if you know it, do it. But people don't function like that. We need #motivation, incentive, and, yes, correction.

The challenge of the motivator
is to channel already existing energies into the most worthwhile endeavors. People do not like being lethargic and bored. They will welcome the manager who can teach them to enjoy their work, or the teacher who will impart to them a love of learning that causes the school day to go swiftly.

—Alan Loy McGinnis, Bringing Out the Best in People


... virtually everyone is a motivator in one situation or another—when we're persuading a friend to lose weight, or giving a pep talk to our kids, or trying to help a batter out of a slump, we're motivators. Either we are doing it poorly or we are doing it well. —Alan Loy McGinnis

From his book Bring Out the Best in People

I want to learn to be a better motivator. Maybe making a list of how to better motivate people might be a start. What are your suggestions to improving in this area?

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