A drone's view of our area of town. Gives a glimpse of our house, if you knew where to look for it. A bit of construction has taken place since this video was taken.


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Really nice. But I should go to youtube to see the video. No embed
I forgot about the embed option ...
it doesn't work on all hub but it is better to watch a video without quitting

My office is near the little light-blue building at the far right. Though I might be leaving that location, after 16 years.


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I trust you had a merry #Christmas. It's been a #blessed week—not just a day—here for us. Two people in our area were baptized. DD is home. Lot of time with friends. I've been working from #home lately.

Only downside is this Thing DD calls a boyfriend. ;-)
Wife is home, fed, rested somewhat, mostly unpacked. I made great headway unpacking her stuff and storing foodstuffs, separating items, and distributing them to proper places in the house while she rested. So good to have her #home.

So here's hoping your efforts will result in you getting fed properly again. "A happy wife is a happy life".  ;-)
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Tonight we had almondmilkshakes, so it's been a great start.

I like your saying. Much better than the one I've heard. "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."
Got genuine window screens and screen door in kitchen installed, after many years without. First time, actually. Just in time for hot weather. Now we can keep out the bugs.


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Has been rainy all day, rather cool for this time of year. I like it.

Kitchen remodeling getting near conclusion. Maybe this week. Has been a relatively calm process, got some good people working.

Next project: professional screens for windows, and a screen door going out the kitchen. We've done stretchy, flimsy screens till now that did the job halfway. It's gonna cost but considering the high heat forecast for this summer, will be worth it.


Arrived this morning, some chores done, much to do still to get back in the swing. After 5 weeks of being away, there's much to catch up with, food to buy, etc. Stairs to my office, shared by a music school, are being redone, so I can't get in until Wed. Since I can work from home, no sweat there.

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We are glad to be home again. Travel on this holiday weekend was calm. My stomach is a bit worse from different foods, but tomorrow ought to return it to normal. I gave away the bride and did not trip down the aisle, so I consider the event a success.

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