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Worked out five days last week at the gym, out of a possible six. Missus and I got started well tonight. Now to get the sweets away from me.

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High temps at #CrossFit today, but we sweated it out. Lots of weightlifting in the mix today. Workouts are good even for old people.

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The body is a tad sore all over, but intensely in the legs, after a trial training at a CrossFit that opened around the corner from my office. Sitting and rising are a bit painful. No injury, just soreness. Am I showing my age? Or my long-term sedentariness? (And I only did the "adapted" exercises.)

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The Missus accompanied me my second time around. They went lighter on us today. Still sore but diminishing. Let's see if we can work up to a decent level before we travel next month.

Broke a took last night. My dentist and ex-neighbor has moved to Portugal. He was good, and I hate to change. He recommended a friend of his. 2.30 appt. Pray I survive.

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Good luck!  A good dentist is worth their weight in gold.  I drive an hour to my dentist appointments since I found a good one and don't feel like the pain of threshing the wheat out from the chaff.
And I thought I went a long way driving 40 minute to mine (who has now sold his practice and is easing himself out of the business).
Thanks, Jake. Even though he seemed like a competent professional, I wasn't too happy with the standard approach. I'd like a holistic or "biological" dentist. Probably can't find one here.