Yesterday was difficult, mentally. The day previous we traveled 3 hours away for the wake of a 7-month-old of a couple dear to us. She had spent half of her short life in ICU with heart surgeries. She had 5 cardiac arrests on Monday, a sixth on Tuesday, which she didn't survive. The parents have #faith, as we all do. The #pain is still present. It will pass, mostly. The tears will dry, and the little one has left us with feelings of #gratitude for having graced our lives, if but for a moment.
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That's pain uninmaginable. My thoughts and prayers for everyone.
I am so very sorry. Words are inadequate.
Thanks to all of you for your kind expressions.
I'm grateful. Content. Glad to be where I am and have what I have. Temptations come, and I beat them back with #gratitude.

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"10 reasons to give thanks today"


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What reasons can you add?

Thank you, God for being the benevolent Giver of all good things, from whom is all generous giving and every perfect gift.

Thank you for blessing me profusely and entrusting me with great responsibility. ...

Thanksgiving | Believing Prayer

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Thanksgiving means that attention is directed toward God, who is the benevolent Giver of all good things.

7 Things that Thanksgiving Day Means to Me | Walking with God

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Prayers of thanksgiving | Walking with God
Here’s a part of my prayer this morning.

Though there are other things that were included as well.

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