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It riles us when anyone gains unfair advantage over others or receives treatment that provides favor that is denied to others. We believe, and rightly so, that everyone should get a fair shake. So, when we talk about God’s grace as being God’s favor and that there are some who receive that blessing and others who don’t, it might not set well with us. But that isn’t the entire picture. Another truth that makes God’s grace so amazing is that it is available to everyone. “For the grace of God has appeared bringing salvation for all people…” (v. 11). If there is any exclusion when it comes to God’s favor, it is not on His part. He wants all men to be saved (1 Tim. 2:4). But, remember it is “by faith” that justification comes (Rom. 3:25). So though that salvation (an act of God’s grace) is made available to all, not everyone will respond in faith.

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T.B. Williams, «Reciprocity and Suffering in 1 Peter 2,19-20: Reading "caris" in Its Ancient Social Context.», Vol. 97 (2016) 421-439.


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