The Good News focuses on God's action in Christ.

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John 3:36 NLT
John 3:36 NLT

And anyone who believes in God's Son has eternal life. Anyone who doesn't obey the Son will never experience eternal life but remains under God's angry judgment.

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"What leaving the gospel means". A very short thought.


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More than 23k jobs lost in #SJCampos and neighboring cities since Jan/2001. Whole RMVale area with total loss of 17.5k.


So that experience on the farm as a kid might still come in handy, eh? I'd rather not, but then a man's gotta eat.
Does humanity ever learn anything from a war?
Besides learning new ways of killing each other?
Not up to the messenger to decide.



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1. Supposedly, I take Thursdays off. It means I stay home and work from here. Maybe I should read a novel. I did take a 30-minute nap.

2. DD arrives next week. Will be good to have her home for a month, between her college semesters. She'll not recognize her bedroom after we redid it. She's got her list of foods she wants to eat, places to go.

3. So now the problem of America, say talking bigheads and all-wise mouth-spouts, is prayer. I suggest its problem is lack of prayer ... and obedience to the will of God. That all this comes now suggests a coordinated plan, as has been done in the past.

4. Speaking of obedience, I link to this study on how to become a Christian every other day or so, somewhere. I wish I had some stats on how many visitors it gets. If someone will follow the biblical instructions, that will be glorious. But God knows, and that suffices.

5. Just discovered that few Bible versions translate Romans 2.7 literally. NET Bible does: "good works." Most have "doing good." There's a difference, to my mind. The former is almost a technical term. And they're connected to eternal life. Wow!

6. A couplet: By prayer and faith God moves, the whole world quakes, / He mends the broken, the proud and mean he breaks.

7. "The group of those who believed were of one heart and mind, and no one said that any of his possessions was his own, but everything was held in common" Acts 4.32 NET.

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"THINK: There is no salvation without hearing the Good News. It is possible to hear and understand. It is not too difficult. Jesus spoke his message to ..."


A short devotional affirms we must #hear, and can understand, the message.

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Disclosure: I didn't read the article at the link. But in the wording of this tweet, #theology has replaced the #gospel.

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Denominationalism for you.