Bread from the store was still hot enough to melt butter when I got it home. Earle Grey tea was perfect. Great start of the morning.

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So here's a set-up for Mr @Mike Macgirvin , after his creepe shoppe comment:

Missus and I went to get a bite to eat, since we've had two groups of workers here at the house all day.

We went to, er, Mudde Burger.

Pronounced in Portuguese, it sounds like the imperative for the verb, to change.

And, no, it didn't taste like mud. Quite good actually.

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1. Have looked a couple of times along streets between home and the office for possible rental options. It won't be an easy move from the office.

2. A number of people liked my Practicing Proverbs post for chapter 2. Someday I'll complete the whole 31 chapters, maybe.

3. Weight has inched up a bit in the last few days. Not a happy eater.

4. Had to go downtown this morning for a chore. Takes a while to get even a few blocks. Lights, traffic, pedestrians. Now I remember why I avoid going there.

5. Does anybody else out there ever eat a breakfast-type meal at night? It's eggs and bacon time for us this evening. And The Missus's zucchini and cinnamon bread. See Item 3 above.

6. An original item:
The rocks rose like warriors' spears,
Tree limbs snaked downward to heighten their fears,
Darkness dogged their faltering backs,
The jungle swallowed their souls and tracks.

7. A Bible verse:
Deceit is in the heart of those who plot evil, but those who promote peace have joy.
Proverbs 12.20

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Sounds good to me, especially with eggs from your own cluckies.
Mike wrote:
We have chickens. When life hands you lots of eggs[...]

Sounds familiar.
Ditto here. We have more chickens than people now

1. Ever have a weird day, when things seemed out of kelter? Yeah, me, too. I'm probably recovering from the long holiday weekend, when we had company.

2. Next to my office, a burger and beer joint opened up tonight, with f-word in its name, plastered all over the front and side. Another reason to move?

3. Missus and I tried out a new food truck tonight, with good burger and fries. Was as cheap or cheaper than those fast-food places.

4. I chose the black hamburger bun. How do they get it to turn out so dark? And bacon, which makes almost everything better.

5. A new #TiddlyWiki site is about to go online. I confess to feeling a bit of excitement. Hope it's as good or better than TiddlySpace was.

6. An original couplet:
The power of men and nations rises and wanes—
As they must—for only God forever reigns.

7. A Bible verse:
The Lord promotes equity and justice;
the Lord’s faithfulness extends throughout the earth.
Psalm 33.5

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The bread/bakery store down the street is called Padaria Tentação II. It's the second one with this name. "Tentação" is temptation. I suppose they want to tempt you with their goods. Not so appealing a name, however, for whom temptation is something to be avoided.
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The Temptations It's Growing
by Roy Muller on YouTube
Maybe they were the inspiration!
The Missus is a good cook. She does not like the kitchen, but she shines there. (A renovation done over a year ago made her happier.) She has adapted, or perhaps resigned herself, to it. She used to go strictly by the recipe. She still does, mostly, but now tweaks and substitutes on her own. Over the years, she has innovated with new foods and healthier styles of eating, for which I'm grateful. And I'm happy still to have a simple homemade brownie, which has been a staple since the early days. Life is good.

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Taking a little trip this afternoon, 2.5 hours one way, for an organizational meeting for an orphanage. They do a good work. We're more cheerleaders than anything. Our little congregation sends some monthly help.

We also cleaned out our closets of clothes to donate. A lot of stuff I can't wear anymore after slimming down. A lot was given to me that I just don't use. In both cases the clothes are in very good shape and will serve someone well. Most of it they'll probably put in their bazaar to sell, I suppose.

On the way back, we'll make a stop at a friend's house for chili. (Yes, @giac hellvecio, we know a Brazilian who loves Mexican food.) So it'll be late by the time we get home tonight.

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Holiday here today, all quiet on the streets, @giac hellvecio.

Went out walking this afternoon, very little movement. Came home, the wife fixed banana pancakes with coconut flour, no gluten. Plus cinammon. Very tasty.

Am trying to stay awake until bedtime.

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Oba, acabei comendo umas uvas-passas cobertas de chocolate depois.
Ta pronto...vou coooomerrrrr :-)
Oba, aproveite!
After lunch I worked on diminishing the stock of The Missus's new brownies, which do not use wheat flour or regular sugar. They're almost fudgy. Definitely delicious. Anytime she wants to feed me some of these, I'm game.

So it's at least an hour away yet, but where shall I eat lunch? With The Missus away, I'll not be fixing at home. So: Chinese? Meat pie? Brazilian rice and beans? I did tea and bread for breakfast, so that's out.

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Anybody else take left-over creamed potatoes and make fried patties out of them? Probably regional. Nobody in Manhattan would do that.

The Missus and I tried Domino's Pizza tonight for the first time. I was pleasantly surprised. Our sandwiches and big cheese bread were tasty enough. No idea on how it compares with US stores, since we've never eaten at one there either.

(The parking lot to our first choice was full, so we wound up there. Friday night.)

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Great Depression Cooking: Get Budget-Minded Meals from the Online Cooking Show Created by 93-Year-Old Clara Cannucciari | Open Culture
Nonagenarian Clara apparently had nothing to hide. Each episode includes a couple of anecdotes about life during the Great Depression, the period in which she learned to cook from her thrifty Italian mother.

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