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Powerful phrases
These phrases come from today’s Plow New Ground devotional by Ed. M., about Abraham offering his son Isaac in Gen. 22. [God] wanted an understanding of who He is more than He wanted burnt offerings, Hosea 6:6. Faith is trusting God to provide what He promised. We admire [Abraham’s] faith without trying to copy his […]
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Times are when we must work in the fog, and slog through the mud, having only a general sense of the right direction and little notion of progress.

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Faith In The Book of Romans
Here belief and trust have brought about an obedient response to the divine gift of Jesus and the decrees that, when obeyed from the heart, bring one into that state of "freedom from sin" made accessible in the act of baptism (6:3-11). From that day forward, the person who has thus responded in faith must continue to act in faith by being a "servant of righteousness."

Maybe this is what Paul meant in Romans 1.16-17 when he said it was "from faith to faith."

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 from Diaspora
Paul never speaks like one who has had complete victory over sin, and John says;

I John 1:8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

Notice that this is in the present tense! We all sin; those who claim they have achieved sinless perfection are deceived!

Listen to Paul, and ask yourself "does this sound like a man who has complete victory over sin?"

Romans 7:24 O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death?
Seems that the "freedom from sin" mentioned in the original article refers to its power and condemnation. I don't recall it talking about "complete victory." You're right, of course, that, as James put it, "we all stumble in many ways" Jas 3.2.

The word "perfect" in the New Testament does not refer to sinlessness, but maturity. Paul calls himself and others perfect, or spiritually mature (CEB, ERV, NLT), in Philippians 3.15.
 from Diaspora
I’ve been reading the same KJV bible that was given to me when I was 8 for 57 years. Then a couple years ago I started noticing scriptures that I had memorized and said thousands of times were different. I started to find out why and it is the most important thing that’s happened in my lifetime! Watch this hour and 15 minute video and learn what’s going on. Here’s the link–https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiK3CZBxh5o and God bless.
Wanting to learn how to write better focus questions based on Ed M.'s devotionals. They deserve better. http://randal.us/tag/devotional/

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A new-year start with sundry thoughts – Forthright Magazine
Thoughts fly at the beginning of a new year, almost as fast as the time that brought it. Here are a few items on my personal radar that might encourage you or provide you with an idea or two.

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Simpson Devotional | Romans 13:11
0ne of the greatest enemies to faith is indolence. it is much easier to lie and suffer than to rise and overcome. It is much easier to go to sleep on a snowbank and never wake again than to rouse one's self and shake off the lethargy and overcome the stupor. Faith is an energetic art. Prayer is intense labor. The effectual working prayer of the righteous man availeth much.

Satan tries to put us to sleep as he did the disciples in the garden. Let us not sleep as do others, but let us awake and be sober, continuing in prayer and watching thereunto with all perseverance (Ephesians 6:18), stirring up ourselves to take hold of God's strength, not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promise (Hebrews 6:12).


It is high time to awake out of sleep —Romans 13:11

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I forgot to comment: The Way requires immense effort and constantly demands of us our utmost, to stretch and go beyond the limits of yesterday.
These Three Again | i read the word
A good measure of one’s spiritual condition is certainly that status of their faith, hope, and especially love.  If one is to take inventory, this is the place to begin.

Writer quotes several Bible texts where the three are mentioned together. A good "inventory" for self, if you're already thinking new year. (Wait, it's not Thanksgiving yet!) Or good to do any time.

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Verse of the Day on the Fellowship Room: "The edge",


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In our reading group, we’re doing a series I call “Impressive chapters of the Bible.” The choice of chapters is somewhat arbitrary, of course. Or maybe "personal" is the better term. Since we’re traveling next week, I have two more weeks to wind down the series. So tonight, it’s 1 John 4.


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Yesterday was difficult, mentally. The day previous we traveled 3 hours away for the wake of a 7-month-old of a couple dear to us. She had spent half of her short life in ICU with heart surgeries. She had 5 cardiac arrests on Monday, a sixth on Tuesday, which she didn't survive. The parents have #faith, as we all do. The #pain is still present. It will pass, mostly. The tears will dry, and the little one has left us with feelings of #gratitude for having graced our lives, if but for a moment.
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That's pain uninmaginable. My thoughts and prayers for everyone.
I am so very sorry. Words are inadequate.
Thanks to all of you for your kind expressions.
Doctrine vs. practice—must we choose?



10 life imperatives | Fellowship Room
Stay grounded in the goodness and power of God, and grateful for his blessing. You know: “God is great, God is good, and we thank him for our food.”
Don’t say, do, or buy anything stupid. Three things to stay zipped up: your mouth, your pants, and your purse.

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Yes, I like this!
Hope we are not hijacking Randal's thread here. His post good too. ;-)
Not at all. You're welcome to be a part of the exchange. I've been unwell lately, so I've not been around much. Thanks!
Why am I a Christian? | Fellowship Room
I am not a Christian because I just want to go to heaven, but because the whole message is true as a complete revelation of God and because the Word is the full engagement of my whole being on every level.

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Just at tad longer than usual, but not much.

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