The mercy of God continually brings surprises —
In them the Joy-Bringer specializes.

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They gave me a box in which to write my words—
A closed and strangled space, a cage for birds.


The world is topsy-turvy; many are bruised.
They think they're loved—they're merely being used.

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1. What do all of the following have the possibility of being? A good book, music, a bubble bath, a walk in a forest, a hammock, a massage, sex, hot tea.

2. Join five hours of sleep the previous night, to a hot and stuffy afternoon, right after lunch, and you've got the recipe for ye ole head-nodder.

3. Been looking at military surplus stuff, like men's shoulder bags and messenger bags. Good prices. How's the quality? Anybody ever buy these kinds of goods?

4. Got three or four items ready for publishing tomorrow. Proud of meeself.

5. Got tired of seeing my mugshot, so I replaced it with a representation of a toucan. Much better.

6. Couplet: The best of me I'll not keep back from you, / And intimacy means the worst comes your way, too.

7. "[Christ] gave his life to purchase freedom for everyone. This is the message God gave to the world at just the right time" 1 Timothy 2.6 NLT.

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The answer to the question in the first point is: "relaxing." As I recall, I was listening to some Spanish classical music, or overlistening to it from DD's iPad.
I miss Famous Army & Navy Stores.
I can't remember where we bought our duffle bags, probably at the local surplus store in my hometown. About the only time I was in such a place.

1. House renovation continues slowly, with friends doing the work as they can. Found a spot that has to be torn out and redone. They left after 8 pm tonight. How about eggs and coconut muffins for supper?

2. At the TortaStore, Katia says she'll make chocolate cheesecake for The Maiden, who arrives Fri. We've not seen these sweets in many moons, they're troublesome to make, Katia says. I'm not special enough to deserve them.

3. To find joy where you are, this is the great secret, not in what you have.

4. The past is gone, the future yet to come, the present is all I have, and what I do now determines where I will wind up.

5. Much writing going on for a Portuguese book. Has progressed well over the past few days. I'm taking it in pieces and parts, unusual for me. Not linear like most of my projects.

6. The world online is fraught with similiar drama / As life itself, where people fight over a comma.

7. "I tell you that everyone who has will be given more, but from the one who does not have, even what he has will be taken away" Lk 19.26 NET.

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1. This comes early tonight. I'm about to fall out. Up at 4.30 am, no nap, all work. I'm hoping to last until 9 pm.

2. Portuguese devotionals are written and scheduled through Monday. Maybe tomorrow I'll translate them into English for my personal site.

3. So why does printing 1,000 business cards take three weeks? I'm waiting to hear the answer to that. They were supposed to have been delivered this afternoon, but printer was a no-show.

4. Today I decided to leave the linking and sharing of my writings in the Lord's hands. Of course, he may not want to do that. I prayed he helped someone to be benefited by them. I spent more time writing than advertising today.

5. Honesty means political stability. So says Proverbs 28.2. And many changes in government are caused by a nation's sins. Seeing that happen now.

6. A couplet:
    No friend is death, its hard defeat comes last,
    When down to hell its fiendish lord is cast.

7. "I will bow down toward your holy temple, and give thanks to your name, because of your loyal love and faithfulness, for you have exalted your promise above the entire sky" Psalm 138.2 NET.

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