I gave my rented office the name of The Snuggery. Am thinking of what to call my new home office.

Wrote about the move today in my UPLift article. "Change Can Be Frightening."


OT: Have read about interest in joining email and Hubzilla. Would be great to have a Hubzilla option to do something like this group email list service. But that might be a bit much, reckon?

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"The big 'for' of God's empowerment"

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Amazing how a change or two perks up interest. Wasn't there a study back when in some factory, where psychologists, always wanting to manipulate things, measured employee satisfaction after making changes? Even insignificant changes produced an uptick in satisfaction, because, apparently, the employees felt valued by management. Or something like that, as I recall.

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"Change is as good as a holiday".
That's a new one on me. I like it.