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Twitter goes to 280 character limit. Ho hum.

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Hasn't worked the last few times I used it. How about today? #Twitter
If you don't get and appreciate irony and sarcasm, #Twitter isn't the place for you. Not to mention a thousand more.

Remember: #Facebook or #Twitter do not give you an accurate feel for the state of your particular interest or field. Not everybody is on those social media. It may well be that those who count for most are absent.

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Just the usual on those sites.

I've still not clicked on #Twitter curated "Moments," and don't have any plans to. I already have to see (read, glaze eyes over) the promoted tweets. Actually, I'm seeing them less and less as well. I'm going to Twitter less, even for news, putting links in the bookmark bar and heading directly to the sites when I want to read news. Not as cool, but it works. So there.

I seldom tweet directly on Twitter anymore. I still get some of my news there, but am even weaning away from that. I keep my accounts, retweet some, do the auto-tweets from #Wordpress and #Hubzilla. (So most of my tweets start elsewhere—like this one.) Like FB, #Twitter is squeezing the user, making choices for him and imposing viewpoints. Sorry, I choose to go elsewhere.

(This is true also for one host of an open-source social medium, so I'm backing off from it, too.)

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Twitter is down. Must be all those new people signing up.

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Twitter offers statistics on individual tweets. Probably, people manage to have a high degree of engagement depending on the subject. I've found its click-throughs to be dismal. Maybe it's the subject matter? Maybe a lack of manipulative hooks? Maybe it's just me?

On the other hand, one often sees internet gurus offering their expertise on how to use Twitter for business and projects. Might the ubiquity of their ads be a sign that Twitter is actually a lousy model? Or am I eating sour grapes? :)

Until recent times, I was a big fan of #Twitter. Now, not so much.
Hi, guys, just back from our big Christmas party, with about 50 folks there. Was good, but whew! :)

One does indeed get the feeling that Twitter is the shout-down contest going on, writ large.

Me, I hate repeating myself, so tweeting twice about the same content seems overdone.
I don't mind self-promotion, but I do assiduously unfollow people whose streams seem nothing but self-promoting tweets.

I have been fortunate; I have found a diverse group of thinking people on Twitter. Some threads end up feeling like friends sitting in a cozy pub discussing life, the universe, and everything.

Lists can really help cut down the "noise" level on Twitter.
True, I created a ton of lists some time back. Need to check those more. Good reminder.
@Redmatrix / Hubzilla Support Channel - Is it possible to hook to, say, two #Twitter accounts within the same channel? That would save me from creating a second channel, I think. I could use tags to distinguish certain types of posts for a separate project. I'd create a page for that project and use tags to show the posts for it. The two Twitter accounts are for my personal one and for the project.

I'm open to a better way of doing this, if you have #ideas.

The #Twitter Moments option has now shown up on my personal account, after it launched a few weeks ago. I could have done without it. What it is, Yahoo or some big-name news junket, right? I'll choose my feed, thanks very much.

Seems that the larger the number of FB and Twitter followers/friends, the less important those accounts become. I keep them to promote our stuff and, on the former, see the kids.