Depois do compromisso da esposa, às 18h passamos na #TortaStore e comemos uma tortinha salgada, cada, e depois uma torta de cereja pra esposa e um cheesecake de nutella pra mim. Ficamos uma hora e meia conversando com os donos, que viraram amigos nossos. #passeio
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Got started on the workout today and discovered I had sore muscles I'd not felt earlier. Must have been from increasing my personal record on the front squat weightlifting on Wed. They loosened up as we went so that the burpee over box, kettle bell, handstand pushup (mine done on the box) and jump-rope went fairly smoothly. Even the 3-round warm-up of handstand climbs and 200 meter run each time wasn't bad. Not too bad for an old guy getting in shape.

Excuse me while I drink my natural protein shake.

Now for the chicken pot pie that the #TortaStore had set out when I went to pick up the Missus's cherry pie. I couldn't resist bringing it home too.
Wasn't momma's chicken pot pie, but it was good.