A drone's view of our area of town. Gives a glimpse of our house, if you knew where to look for it. A bit of construction has taken place since this video was taken.


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Really nice. But I should go to youtube to see the video. No embed
I forgot about the embed option ...
it doesn't work on all hub but it is better to watch a video without quitting

My office is near the little light-blue building at the far right. Though I might be leaving that location, after 16 years.


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Missus and I walked on track around new park back behind our neighborhood. Quite nice, if not finished yet. New mayor, different political party, other priorities, all that. Got there as sun was disappearing from view, good time, cooler air. Will be a good option for days when we're not lifting weights and doing burpees.

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More than 23k jobs lost in #SJCampos and neighboring cities since Jan/2001. Whole RMVale area with total loss of 17.5k.


Does humanity ever learn anything from a war?
Besides learning new ways of killing each other?
Is incredible society they all scare if a rock crash in the earth if the aliens go to attack earth or if a solar flare will wipe earth.  But not many realize humans is the real danger. The sea starting dead because of us . We wiped many plants and animals to extinction . The ice poles have very short time left. Polution destroy the earth protection.  Teghnological advance left families with not future and we have 100 of wars around the world.
Is inevitable we go to destroy our world . And the fault is humans