I changed the automatic opening view to my channel home. From there, clicking on the notifications icons, both the round and the triangle, will not open the list. I have to click on the network activity to get them to open. Is this an intentional behavior? @Hubzilla Support Forum+

And as always, I forget which link to insert for the support forum, with or without the "+".

Off to enjoy the Firstborn's birthday supper out at the eatery of his choice.

#Hubzilla #in awe

Come on in, the water’s blue and private and quiet – The microblog

I don't often bug my friends anymore. Today's an exception. I hope I got stuff right in my little list, above.

Amazing that I go looking for something out there when I need to do something online, and then I remember, Hubzilla's got it. (Just wish cats.pm had the Twitter plugin ...)

Hmm, cats.pm doesn't appear to be open for new accounts. Will need to edit the post I made about that.

Where is that list of public hubs? I can't find it anywhere, not in the Help section. I must not be opening up the right drawer.
Manuel, thanks, but I get no list there, at least, on cats.pm., just this:

The listed hubs allow public registration for the Hubzilla network. All hubs in the network are interlinked so membership on any of them conveys membership in the network as a whole. Some hubs may require subscription or provide tiered service plans. The hub itself may provide additional details.

Is this a good list to share: https://the-federation.info/hubzilla

One of the suggestions that Dr. Alan McGinnis gives in his book Confidence for "investigating your inner self" is to keep a #journal. He quotes a writer who says to "keep it for your own sake and your own eyes, so that you write in it without reservations."

Putting it on paper is one solution. Or using #TiddlyWiki offline. Or, online, if you prefer that, go with #Hubzilla. All three are great options.
Successfully installed #Known software at randal.us. Might even keep it. Wish #Hubzilla were that easy. I'd prefer it. If somebody out there were hosting/maintaining, I might even be able to dredge up a bit of dough.
Got the Post option in the bookmark bar for #Vivaldi as well as #BraveBrowser. One click and I can type and share. Now if I just had a bookmarklet for #Hubzilla on Brave to share links of others. If this were a perfect world ...

So cats.pm was down all day yesterday. I managed to log into the cloned site, but there was no option for posting. I must be doing something wrong somewhere. What if cats.pm were to disappear? How do I make the other the principal site for me? Hmm ...

#stumped #Hubzilla
That usually means you need to login.
out of curiosity: you go into hub.vilarejo while you're still using cats.pm? In the same time? if yes you're doing wrong, you can not use the two at the same time.
Mike: I was logged in. As far as I could tell.

James: No. I logged out of cats.pm. Then I logged into vilarejo.
Checked in on #Friendica, looking good, except the last posts there seem to take forever. Server issue probably.

I'm tempted to use #Hubzilla now, a *lot* more, after getting the post app in the bookmark bar. I might just overload people's patience. Of course, you can mute me, right?

But what else do you have to do on a Sat. night but read my #throwaways?

Sometimes I open up the whole hubzilla site just because I want to post. So after finding the post app, which gives me just the stuff I need to post, I dragged the URI to the bookmark bar. Comes up fine, ought to post fine, too.

Why didn't I think of this before?

Yup, worked fine.

I like it because I don't see anything else to distract me. Cool. Now if I could just get that Lazarus add-on in Brave, I'd be set.
Posts are loading slowly or not all, have been for quite some time.

quando tem algum problema tenta ir para o seu clone e ver se tem o mesmo problema, as vezes é apenas o servidor que a gente usa ;-) ( e as vezes abro outro browser também)
Imaginei que era o servidor. A dica de abrir outro browser não é ruim. Nem pensei em ir para o clone. Obrigado pelas dicas.
Several times, I should note.

a decentralised community server

Trying to remember these three four words.

#Hubzilla could use a draft mode. I just lost a post.

1. Most days my muscles are sore from working out, constantly building up, pushing forward. Strange feeling, but not unwelcome.

2. Edges of the spine of my bonded-leather Bible are wearing through. Might be time to buy another one, especially since the Portuguese language underwent another revision a few years ago.

3. My two big personal info managers have become the #BulletJournal and #TiddlyWiki, for some time now, the former for some 13 months.

4. Too bad I can't embed #Hubzilla on my site like I did with #Muut. I much prefer it to that one.

5. Still miffed that #TiddlySpace is shutting down. No good option there.

6. A couplet from the hand of Y.T, based on Job 37.13.
Now the rod, now mercy, falls the rain,
God makes it find its mark, for loss or gain.

7. A verse. "So we rebuilt the wall, and the entire wall was joined together up to half its height. The people were enthusiastic in their work" Nehemiah 4.6. Enthusiasm and unity accomplish much.

Missing the #Hubzilla bookmarklet in FireFox now that I've started using #BraveBrowser

How can I access the complete list of tags in my channel?


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Have narrowed down my social interactions online, basically, to Hubzilla.

Posts on my/our sites get posted automatically to Twitter and FB, but I've about abandoned those, plus some open-source options as well. I don't even have the Twitter cross-post plugin from Hubzilla set to automatic anymore.

I was using Muut, but speaking to the air. Have set my blog page with Muut software embedded as private, just to get it out of the way for now.

Known allows me to post to the first two above without going there, and especially to groups and pages on FB, so I've been doing that. Another step away from seeing any of it.

Still in a couple of yahoo groups. I do post some links there, as allowed.
Any thoughts on positives or negatives of restricting or allowing others to view one's connections? My setting allowed anyone to view. I reset to allow only myself to view. What are pluses and minuses, if any?

It's just a privacy thing. The only functionality it affects is the "friend suggestion" mechanism; as this counts the most "friends of friends" that your friends have in common (e.g. if six of Bill's friends are also friends of Agnes - and you are friends with both Bill and Agnes these six common friends will have a higher ranking). This runs as a public service so if you've blocked public access to your friends, they won't be included in any of these tallies and we'll have to base the statistics off of other friends they might have in common.
Wow, that's pretty cool, friend of friends count.
Mike, thanks for all your replies to my many questions. I know you're a busy man.
@Redmatrix / Hubzilla Support Channel+ (Did I put this in the right place?)

In the settings is this: "Expire other channel content after this many days."

I understand by the word "expire," that the content referred to is deleted. I'm not sure what is meant by "other channel content." Does that mean content by my connections? Are any of my posts or comments removed? Not sure what actually happens here. Enlightenment desired.

I am curious about the comments on other people's posts though... I wonder what happens to them. It would suck if they go too...
We don't expire anything in your own stream (posts or comments). We only expire the streams of other people that you are following (posts and comments) - except where you've starred or filed it.

Here's the deal - we only expire copies of stuff. The originals are still visible by visiting the channels in question. When we first added this setting it was noted that it's kind of creepy to hold on to a private copy of everything that each one of your friends writes - forever.

And in a distributed/decentralised network this causes a huge number of problems over time - because servers and disks just keep vacuuming up everything that your friends post and the databases get large and unwieldy and eventually they bog down or the disk fills and you need to get a bigger one or upgrade your ISP plan.

So the idea is that each channel (and perhaps clones) should keep the originals and let everybody else expire stuff that has scrolled into history. This way the server disk usage stays pretty much constant over time - growing linearly as your local content increases as opposed to exponentially as the network grows.
Good point about the creepiness. But I love you so much, I want to keep it all. ;-)

I seldom tweet directly on Twitter anymore. I still get some of my news there, but am even weaning away from that. I keep my accounts, retweet some, do the auto-tweets from #Wordpress and #Hubzilla. (So most of my tweets start elsewhere—like this one.) Like FB, #Twitter is squeezing the user, making choices for him and imposing viewpoints. Sorry, I choose to go elsewhere.

(This is true also for one host of an open-source social medium, so I'm backing off from it, too.)

#social media #freedom
@Redmatrix / Hubzilla Support Channel+ Friendica or RedMatrix, one, had the option to choose where to land (say, instead of /network to go to /channel/xyz) when switching between channels. I have not found that option here, is it available on #Hubzilla?
You probably want the startpage addon. If it's installed you'll find the place to set it under Settings -> Feature/Addon Settings
Thanks. Not installed here. I've requested it from Keith. Thanks for the reply and your patience.