Though I've moved away from Twitter, I've not found a good place for quick and thick comments. Seems like most places are better for posts rather than tweets. #GnuSocial I like for the latter, but it's a whole different culture there. Maybe I can get adapted, dunno. I tried installing GS through an installer in CPanel, but it didn't do so well, some of the links don't go where they should. I don't know enough to tweak it or keep it up. Oh, the #woes of modernity!

Twitter is down. Must be all those new people signing up.

#twitter #sarcasm
I am glad we have alternative like #gnusocial or #hubzilla. We are not twitter dependant
NO TO LONG is working again

  • Cloudy and drizzly day kept temps down, dampened noise and movement, seems like, in the city. Glorious.
  • Almost a month with #BulletJournal (started on the 1st), have kept it up well, #productivity up significantly. Am well pleased. Think I'll keep it.
  • Wrote this on Twitter SermonLines: A sermon is an act of hope, an attitude of faith, a conviction that God can reach a wayward heart and that the Good News will save someone.
  • My question for the webmaster: If an uploaded #TiddlyWiki is loaded completely when a visitor goes to the site, will that elevate the usage on the host? My sites are so popular ...
  • Recommended to asmallorange on Twitter that they offer #GNUsocial and #Hubzilla as preinstalled programs. For microblogging they had three old items.
  • The Lord is good, and only good he does; / Why don't we see? Why isn't the world abuzz?
  • "When you seek me in prayer and worship, you will find me available to you. If you seek me with all your heart and soul, I will make myself available to you,’ says the Lord" Jeremiah 29.13-14a NET.