Picked my #BulletJournal back up after several days of letting it slide.

1. Most days my muscles are sore from working out, constantly building up, pushing forward. Strange feeling, but not unwelcome.

2. Edges of the spine of my bonded-leather Bible are wearing through. Might be time to buy another one, especially since the Portuguese language underwent another revision a few years ago.

3. My two big personal info managers have become the #BulletJournal and #TiddlyWiki, for some time now, the former for some 13 months.

4. Too bad I can't embed #Hubzilla on my site like I did with #Muut. I much prefer it to that one.

5. Still miffed that #TiddlySpace is shutting down. No good option there.

6. A couplet from the hand of Y.T, based on Job 37.13.
Now the rod, now mercy, falls the rain,
God makes it find its mark, for loss or gain.

7. A verse. "So we rebuilt the wall, and the entire wall was joined together up to half its height. The people were enthusiastic in their work" Nehemiah 4.6. Enthusiasm and unity accomplish much.


During the last part of our US trip, I fell down on keeping the #BulletJournal. Cranking up again. Too much to do and time too precious not to have it (or something like it).
Future Log: The Alastair Method – Bullet Journal

Without writing out a full year diary it’s difficult to add events in a separate container, that is also easily updatable and quick to read. So I came up with my own solution.

Absolutely will adopt this. What I was looking for! (Wish I could have pulled in the photo as well.)


Average time over the past 10 days for getting up is 6:18 am. Later than I would have thought. Probably because bedtime has been later, as a rule. I didn't note all times of the latter, but the seven times I marked it average out to 11:49 pm. That means I'm sleeping for up to 6 1/2 hours per night, assuming I drop right off to sleep, which I usually do. I do best with at least 7.

Part of the drop in sleep time may be due to the renovations we're doing at home. Sometimes the people don't leave until 7 or 8 pm, which throw our night-time activities later.

I have these data to work with thanks to my use of #BulletJournal.

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Amazing to see the last day of November roll around. It's been a great ride. Every day with #God, with #TheMissus, with a few friends, with the new #BulletJournal (more on experience with the latter shortly). Let's go out of the month with a glorious bang!


"Hairy-scary things to do" is the name of a new project page in my #bulletjournal, a list of some things that seem to loom so large in my mind I shrink from doing them. With a funny title and scraggly lines, the page cuts them down to size.

#photos #productivity

  • Cloudy and drizzly day kept temps down, dampened noise and movement, seems like, in the city. Glorious.
  • Almost a month with #BulletJournal (started on the 1st), have kept it up well, #productivity up significantly. Am well pleased. Think I'll keep it.
  • Wrote this on Twitter SermonLines: A sermon is an act of hope, an attitude of faith, a conviction that God can reach a wayward heart and that the Good News will save someone.
  • My question for the webmaster: If an uploaded #TiddlyWiki is loaded completely when a visitor goes to the site, will that elevate the usage on the host? My sites are so popular ...
  • Recommended to asmallorange on Twitter that they offer #GNUsocial and #Hubzilla as preinstalled programs. For microblogging they had three old items.
  • The Lord is good, and only good he does; / Why don't we see? Why isn't the world abuzz?
  • "When you seek me in prayer and worship, you will find me available to you. If you seek me with all your heart and soul, I will make myself available to you,’ says the Lord" Jeremiah 29.13-14a NET.