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Just tried #SocialHome 's bookmarklet on #BraveBrowser. Didn't work. Another one from another service, can't recall which just now, didn't work either. #Hubzilla's still does, though I understand it's not longer maintained. Amazing.

The human psyche - mind or soul?
To the question, 'what is the nature of the human being?', the common tripartite explanation of the overall human being as 'body, mind and spirit' is a potentially very misleading set. It suggests that body and mind are ontologically separate and that the 'Spirit' is itself a third entity over and above the former. Holistic thought insists that, whatever may correspond to these terms is necessarily a unity of which each only can refer to some aspect of the indivisible entity, the human being. This also implies that the Freudian concept of the unconscious as an independent and autonomous entity, cut off by the psyche from itself, like a guarded cellar beneath the structure of personality, is rejected as a static view of dynamic processes and thus as ontologically primitive. While subliminal activities, emotionally-conditioned repression and other 'unconscious' phenomena do occur, this does not require that an 'unconscious mind' thereby has positive existence. All ideas about the psyche and its faculties should sensibly be regarded for their potential 'regulative' and practical function rather than as a classification of divisible entities. They should regulate by bringing order to the particular mass of otherwise confused perceptions and thoughts so that useful results can be achieved in understanding, self-improvement and therapeutic healing or personal transformation. Again, such regulative ideas do not necessarily or usually correspond to any physically-observable entities. The bodily self to which we subscribe identity and possessions, as in 'my body' 'my limbs', 'my brain' etc. - and even simply call 'me' - is in many ways the instrument of the mind and the will, yet it has its own autonomous nature and metabolism to which the mind is subject. The mind is also often thought of as a possession of, and attachment to, the body. The acquisitive and possessive sense of 'mineness', which some call 'ego' or egotism', is closely related to bodily needs and desires, the mind being the medium through which its requirements are largely fulfilled. Both form different aspects of an unitary, organic system.

Mike's work is amazing. I have just taken down a RedMatrix installation that functioned perfectly well and RedMatrix hasn't been actively maintained for above two years now I think.
Got the Post option in the bookmark bar for #Vivaldi as well as #BraveBrowser. One click and I can type and share. Now if I just had a bookmarklet for #Hubzilla on Brave to share links of others. If this were a perfect world ...



They said the refinery lost power, so this is some sort of hiccup. We saw it Sat. on way back into town. Photographer lives nearby, said he never saw the smoke so black nor the flames so high. How he measured that is hard to tell. But was it a coincidence it happened on Christmas Eve day, Saturday, when there'd be no one from government to fine them? Of course, Petrobrás is a government-owned entity ...
And two days ago I'd resolved not to request any features or make suggestions. Well, it was just a wish, not a request, right?
It's highly likely there are safety releases of the content of the miles of pipes involved to reduce the possibility of explosion both during a power outage and also when power resumes. These would be relatively immune from regulation as they fall in the category of emergency safety measures.
Gotcha. There was some talk of hearing an explosion, but the refinery said there was none. My neighbor across the street works there, so I was going to bug him about polluting the air. :)
Missing the #Hubzilla bookmarklet in FireFox now that I've started using #BraveBrowser