I hear tell some people go to Walmart in pajamas. (I have fortunately been spared such sights.) I won't even stay in pajamas if somebody comes to the door. Different culture, different times, I guess.

I  go out and feed all the animals in pj's unless it's seriously cold. It's usually pre-dawn and the chances of anybody noticing or caring are pretty slim out here in bugger all.

But yeah, Wal-Mart attracts some seriously strange people.
Often pajamas or a ragged shirt with a thong. These are not attractive people and thongs don't improve upon it.
@James Lamentus Não sei, pra falar a verdade, vou pouco a Rio, e geralmente longe da praia.

@Mike Macgirvin Unless your animals have a sense of style, they probably don't mind.

@Seth Martin Please, I'd rather not conjure up any mental pictures. ;-)