Wondering if I ought to let my POBox go at the end of the year. Hardly ever use it anymore. We changed from the main post office downtown to a franchised branch, but it's gotten as bad for parking as the former. One problem to using our home address is that the street name is quite long, six words long. POBox also provides, maybe, a bit of protection for the home addy, reckon? Then there's also the fee ...

#thinking out loud
Wife says it was R$87 or so. At the time, between US$25-US$30.
My US PO Box goes up in price each year by about $5 and is now $86USD per year. Each year I ponder discontinuation but ultimately choose to keep it for tracking difficulty. My physical address is on file for government use but at least I don't have angry people outside my house when I publicly say something controversial.
Wow, that's a hefty price. We're trying to simplify, and cutting the PO Box would be a way, sort of. Then again ...