Hear tell that this is going to be an advantage over XML #RSS and might even replace it:


Speaking of, I always wanted to try that Dvorak keyboard, but was afraid I couldn't handle it or that it would mess me up on the standard one.

Couldn't live without RSS. I pull some things in on Hubzilla and lots on an installation of tinyrss I managed to do on my personal site, which is also installed in #palemoon.

I wonder if the jsonfeed might be the thing to take over the XML RSS. I thought about using the WP plugin for it, but figured it's a bit early.
It's pretty simple to implement so you will probably see people adopting it. I just note that we still have sites prodividing feeds in RSS1, RSS2, and Atom (most modern feed readers handle all of these, and in fact 90% of "RSS feeds" are actually Atom feeds). In the consumer mind - nobody cares about the format details as long as the service provides an "RSS feed" in some format their feedreader can work with. I think the tipping point when people start providing jsonfeeds by default will be when enough feedreader software detects and supports it. The hurdle they have to get over is that Atom is an Internet Standard with an RFC attached to it, and they have a competitor called "ActivityStreams JSON Linked Data 2" which also has the blessing of the internet standards committees.
That's me, not caring what format (actually, a bit confusing) as long as I get the content.