In regions of yesteryear, where cemeteries are full of relatives and friends.

Life is big - and long, hopefully.
Bigger than any of us, for sure.

I'm going for the long of eternal.
Firstborn’s birthday today. Mexican restaurants busy. We went with pizza.


I changed the automatic opening view to my channel home. From there, clicking on the notifications icons, both the round and the triangle, will not open the list. I have to click on the network activity to get them to open. Is this an intentional behavior? @Hubzilla Support Forum+

And as always, I forget which link to insert for the support forum, with or without the "+".

Off to enjoy the Firstborn's birthday supper out at the eatery of his choice.

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Drag and drop was mentioned by @Andrew Manning Thanks for the tip. Didn't realize it could be done here:


One of the Missus.

Very cool, this feature.

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Nice picture of the Missus! :-)
Destination of a long journey reached. Needed: rest, food, bath. So have travelers in all eras needed after a trek, be it on foot, by carriage, or by a flying metal tube.

parece que o 'delay' no hub melhorou ;)
Oba! Que bom! Quanto mais rápido melhor. Obrigado pela observação. OT sempre é bom.
 from Diaspora
#bible Our bibles are being changed supernaturally, and even though that sounds impossible and crazy, it’s undeniable. Watch [Mandela effect alert; wake up Christians before it’s two late] with your own bible opened. In this film several pastors prove what I’m saying. I’ve been studying this for a year and a half, and if you watch the film and want some help finding out what many of the changed scriptures said previously, I can help. God bless us all!
The double blessing of Psalm 119 – Walking with God
The law was a sign of God’s blessing, and not (as many denominations insist) a burden.

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cats.pm appears to be down. Not able to access it. Good thing I can slide over to hub.vilarejo.pro.br.
Going with wife, the Middleman son and family this morning to a farm-type restaurant for a big breakfast, on the highway south of SJC toward the coast. I can never do justice to these all-you-can eat places, but I'll give it the old college try.

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Lendo a Bíblia com o Coração e a Mente
Em Lendo a Bíblia com o coração e a mente, Tremper Longman III o ajudará à descobrir o poder das Escrituras para moldar o seu caráter segundo o caráter de Cristo. "Embora a Bíblia seja poderosa", escreve Longman, "não mudamos apenas o porque a lemos. Nossa mente pode estar envolvida, mas alguma coisa a mais precisa acontecer com o nosso coração."

Parece interessante, espero que seja algo mais do que oba-oba. O autor é cara sério pelo que sei, embora da linha reformada.

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This verse, two actually, came with a double wallop this morning. I even used the NET Bible translation to render it in Portuguese to share.


Waiting on the project proposal completion for shelving for the new home office. But last night I sat down on our old outdoor table, stored for the moment in the new office. First work use of the new space. Here are some shots of the inside and out.


Still have to pare down books and papers at the old office, will take a while. If I could swing it, I'd store everything somewhere and go ahead and shut down the old office. Would save on rent and allow me to do the sorting, saving or disposal without getting stressed or rushed about it.
An Unfair Advantage? | i read the word
It riles us when anyone gains unfair advantage over others or receives treatment that provides favor that is denied to others. We believe, and rightly so, that everyone should get a fair shake. So, when we talk about God’s grace as being God’s favor and that there are some who receive that blessing and others who don’t, it might not set well with us. But that isn’t the entire picture. Another truth that makes God’s grace so amazing is that it is available to everyone. “For the grace of God has appeared bringing salvation for all people…” (v. 11). If there is any exclusion when it comes to God’s favor, it is not on His part. He wants all men to be saved (1 Tim. 2:4). But, remember it is “by faith” that justification comes (Rom. 3:25). So though that salvation (an act of God’s grace) is made available to all, not everyone will respond in faith.

That's all of the post. Good one.

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Energy and motivation today – Believing Prayer

A short prayer asking for holiness and full assurance.

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Just tried #SocialHome 's bookmarklet on #BraveBrowser. Didn't work. Another one from another service, can't recall which just now, didn't work either. #Hubzilla's still does, though I understand it's not longer maintained. Amazing.

The human psyche - mind or soul?
To the question, 'what is the nature of the human being?', the common tripartite explanation of the overall human being as 'body, mind and spirit' is a potentially very misleading set. It suggests that body and mind are ontologically separate and that the 'Spirit' is itself a third entity over and above the former. Holistic thought insists that, whatever may correspond to these terms is necessarily a unity of which each only can refer to some aspect of the indivisible entity, the human being. This also implies that the Freudian concept of the unconscious as an independent and autonomous entity, cut off by the psyche from itself, like a guarded cellar beneath the structure of personality, is rejected as a static view of dynamic processes and thus as ontologically primitive. While subliminal activities, emotionally-conditioned repression and other 'unconscious' phenomena do occur, this does not require that an 'unconscious mind' thereby has positive existence. All ideas about the psyche and its faculties should sensibly be regarded for their potential 'regulative' and practical function rather than as a classification of divisible entities. They should regulate by bringing order to the particular mass of otherwise confused perceptions and thoughts so that useful results can be achieved in understanding, self-improvement and therapeutic healing or personal transformation. Again, such regulative ideas do not necessarily or usually correspond to any physically-observable entities. The bodily self to which we subscribe identity and possessions, as in 'my body' 'my limbs', 'my brain' etc. - and even simply call 'me' - is in many ways the instrument of the mind and the will, yet it has its own autonomous nature and metabolism to which the mind is subject. The mind is also often thought of as a possession of, and attachment to, the body. The acquisitive and possessive sense of 'mineness', which some call 'ego' or egotism', is closely related to bodily needs and desires, the mind being the medium through which its requirements are largely fulfilled. Both form different aspects of an unitary, organic system.

Mike's work is amazing. I have just taken down a RedMatrix installation that functioned perfectly well and RedMatrix hasn't been actively maintained for above two years now I think.
Na Vila conheço esse pedaço
De asfalto, gente, vidro e aço,
Com anos e anos de convívio,
Deixá-lo, tristeza e alívio.

Mudando pra casa, eu,
Deixando a correria pra trás,
Mais tempo na frente da tela,
Na minha zona de criação.
The offline work continues to ramp up, and time away from internet and especially social media still gets cut away. Not bad. But what have I missed out there?
Not much really. My meatspace work has ramped up as well and I am trying to figure out where to go now that parlementum ist kaput.

How you been?
@Jake Moomaw Jake, here in Brazil, if you don't have FB's WhatsApp, you are totally out of the loop. I must be the only one in the country without it.

@giac hellvecio Have we reached the Big Brother stage?

@whistlewright I've been OK on cats.pm. Might try it out. Have been good, trying to get my office moved to home. After 16 years in the same rented space, the process is generating some melancholic feelings. (Though I am really ready to be gone from here now.) Ought to get better once I'm actually installed. Thanks for asking.
@whistlewright You are welcome to clone to elsmussols.org.
Last year, while in the old home town, Mom gave me Dad's Cross pen. She had tried to give it to me earlier, soon after his passing, but it's thin and slippery, and I begged off. This time she just handed it to me. Seemed to want me to have it. So I took it. I've been using it, without too much problem. Has his name engraved on it, so now it's my name, I guess. (I have his first name.)

#family #life
In the midst of a move. Leaving rented office space after 16 years. Tons of papers and items to separate, chunk, or think of a reason to keep.