Times are when we must work in the fog, and slog through the mud, having only a general sense of the right direction and little notion of progress.

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We don't do TV at our house, so we watched Brazil put Mexico away 2-0 at a compassionate neighbor's house. With lunch thrown in. We added stuff to the table, including the wife's brownies.

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All-you-can-eat breakfast out with the wife. Overload. Methinks to sleep it off for an hour or so.
Mostly offline for the last week. Getting out of the cold and fog. Moving home office project forward. Big changes happening, mostly good, but requiring adaptation, flexibility. More lessons to learn.

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There are days when one could wish to go back to the net when it was html and email.

Just about every single day, my friend
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Actually, to tell the truth, anymore amongst my circle we don't do html much anymore. We are a bunch of geeks and we are zapping epubs, ogg files, and videos around more than htmls.
Yeah, and I keep updating JetPack on WP. haha

Sentiment above is an old man's fleeting thought, something like a wish for a return to the good old days that weren't all that good. I'm happy to stay out of the cotton fields, thanks very much, and happy not to be attempting to code html. :) But the feeling does assault a body now and again.
Took the Missus out to a movie Thurs. night and to eat tonight, after she was cooped up most of last week and part of this one, because of the trucker strike. The little crepe shoppe was closed, so we went with croissants.

business opportunity: open a little creep shoppe.
So many creeps already circulating around out there. So maybe we got a ready-made clientele?
Just turned down an invitation to teach in the Northeast some courses that include some of my favorite content to work with. Not a good time at the moment and not quite the venue I'm looking to work with.

Interview with @Mike Macgirvin says this post:


Though I distinctly remember reading some of this before. :)

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Empty Our Souls – Believing Prayer
Clear away the fog that we,
O Lord of lights, might glory in you.
May we rejoice in the Holy One
who sweeps away the enemy’s hate.

Two more stanzas at link.

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Has anybody read the book, 12 Week Year? I got halfway through it before having to return it, before our flight home. I wish I'd bought a copy of it to bring back with me. Any insights or perspectives on it?


The trucker strike is winding down, and now the oil refinery workers have gone on strike. There's a political element to it all, especially the latter strike. They want to bring down the government. (Some want the military to step back in; others, for the socialists to take over.) Meanwhile, the people suffer and the country reels from billions of dollars of damage. As an example, 65 million birds were sacrificed last week for lack of feed, causing, besides the economic disaster, an environmental crisis. The country depends almost entirely on trucking for the movement of goods and products.

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LIVRO NOVO! 52 ações do discípulo de Cristo – Projeto Alcance
Esta obra responde à pergunta: “O que o seguidor de Cristo faz?” Não pretende ser exaustivo e nem podia ser. Como o foco é o seguidor de Cristo, todos os textos principais são tirados do Novo Testamento.

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'I felt exposed online': how to disappear from the internet | World news | The Guardian
“People see the digital realm as being this separate thing, something close to unreal,” Ahearn says. “But it’s all the same thing. Would you put a picture of your child on a billboard next to a highway alongside your family name? Of course not. But people do it online all the time. And it’s not a problem. Until it is.”

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After 5 years and $3M, here's everything we've learned from building Ghost
Centralised wins on simplicity, Open source wins on flexibility
This is the really big one.

When we started out, we tried to make everything as simple and user-focused as possible. Our intent was to make the app as easy to use as any closed source platform, but with the added bonus of actually being open source with a socially positive business model.

Most open source software has terrible UI design, so we would have great UI design and it would be the best of both worlds!

This falls apart almost immediately. For example: if you build a centralised service - you can solve authentication, search and image optimisation pretty easily with OAuth, Algolia and imgix. It costs you minimal engineering time and a few dollars to set up so your users have a wonderful experience with absolutely no overhead.

Try to build the same thing as a decentralised product and every one of your users has to set up their own Twitter developer apps, Algolia API keys and imgix accounts + configurations. Each service has to be set up, connected and paid for. A significantly high level of technical expertise is required to even get it all slightly working. The average non-technical user doesn't have a single hope in hell of getting it working let alone having a good experience.

We spent several years trying to engineer our way out of this in increasingly complex ways, so that people could set up a publication on Ghost with the same level of ease as they do on Medium. In part, because that's what people were demanding. We never even got close. It's just not how modern web technology works.

Decentralised platforms fundamentally cannot compete on ease of setup. Nothing beats the UX of signing up for a centralised application.

Read the "But" that follows.

Helped DD assemble a smallish dining room table. Now I remember why I never bought toys that had the label, "Some assembly required."

I don't mind the assembly. What gets me every time is how badly the instructions were mangled in translation from either Swedish or Chinese. If you can find instructions that originated in your native language, it's usually not too bad; but countries that speak your native language stopped making furniture decades ago and are now importing it in flat-packs from Sweden or China.
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All we saw were charts and numbers, no text. So maybe they're getting smarter about that.