Venomous animals by country


Move over, Australia.

Yeah, but venomous animals are just one dimension of the apparently millions of things in Australia that are likely to randomly kill you at any time.


And I'll admit that most of our venomous creatures are probably out in the Amazon. :)
Just confirmed that the old Hubzilla bookmarklet I was using on the old laptop no longer works in either the beta or last user version of #BraveBrowser. I am sad.
Just read that on this day in 1994 the Netscape browser was launched and made history.

@Mike Macgirvin
Delete Your Account Now: A Conversation with Jaron Lanier
Harper Simon interviews Jaron Lanier


Got up and went to the gym for the first time since being back from our trip. Tomorrow's a holiday so I didn't want to wait until next week to work out. Paulo went easy on me, but still got enough to sweat over.
Setting up again #RSS feeds in browser on my new laptop. Decided to get a fresh start rather than import.
Got invitation yesterday to write an article, due 22 out. Getting started now. Time's a-wasting.
So where do I find my groups? They've disappeared from the sidebar.
Thanks. Strange that they disappeared from the sidebar.
mudanças com as novas versões...
algumas coisas  agora vamos ter que procurar nas apps e instalar novamente...
Se for pra melhor, tudo bem.
Been home for three days, still operating in old time zone, still groggy, but things are slowing getting into gear. Seems like it takes longer as I get older, but I'm probably just more impatient about it.

New laptop, new twitter client that works well, so tell me again why I ought to stay away from that birdy site.
So posts from the network are not loading today.
I talk about vilarejo (vilarejo is/was in DEV version)
respondi no  outro seu ( lá no cats.pm ) mas parece que aqui  no vilarejo nem chegou :(
Não vi não. Mas também estou em viagem sem ler muita coisa.
In the past I greatly narrowed my focus of work outside the virtual world. Thinking that might be a proper course of action extended to the internet as well. Hard to imagine being totally disconnected, but mostly so is a thought to be considered.

sortudo que ainda funciona para vc o email ;)

eu ás vezes espero semanas e semanas para receber uma resposta via email de amigos... esse povo nem abri mais  o email ..só vive de Zuckerberg (whatsapp facebook messenger instagram..) ahi ahi
sem falar que  eu perco, e perdi , muitas coisas nesses anos, tipo  fotos de aniversários de amigos, de batizados, casamentos, formaturas, festas e tal..... novidades de trabalho dos amigos , de viagem e de 1000 outras coisas...
eles colocam tudo que é tudo no mundo do zuckerberg, e quem ta fora desse mundo  se ferra!
E eles não estão nem ai. Sou eu o "errado" pq não uso essas coisas. Sou eu o abestalhado que está "se excluindo"... EU (segundo eles provavelmente).
Vdd, a gente fica por fora e a culpa é nossa.

(Desculpe a demora na resposta, estou em viagem.)
So you can concentrate, but do you really have to furrow your brow so deeply?

Picked my #BulletJournal back up after several days of letting it slide.
Great time with all of children and their families today. Most pleasant. A bit of quiet just now is welcome.
 Bible  faith  faith


Soup Kitchen Lines Swell on Eve of Election in Sputtering Brazil - BloombergQuint
If nothing is done, the country’s budget will burst next year (see chart above), breaking a constitutional spending freeze, according to finance ministry projections. At stake is the future of the second-largest economy in the Americas and the creditworthiness of $950 billion in federal government debt.

Like most countries, Brazil hasn’t done a great job balancing its budget, but the recent crisis has exposed perilous structural problems that lock it into ever more spending and larger deficits. With more than 90 percent of all budget items mandated by law, the government has almost no room to maneuver on spending.

The article's opening leans toward the sensational, but the economy is in a bind, and the next president may not have the motivation to fix it. Politicians love to spend money that's not theirs (none of it is). Money is power, and the more money that flows into government coffers, the more powerful government grows.

outro fantasminha dando like aqui ?
Pois é, precisamos chamar os ghostbusters, né?
So why do I have this urge of late to start every post with the word "so"? #weird
So I'm on a power surge without realizing it. Cool.
At least you don't use "like" and "you know" multiple times per sentence.

But it's like, you know, entendeu, really.