@Channel One+ has been relocated to a new server with the original database wiped and a new one created, with a new channel for me
Now sharing one of these unavailable dedicated servers with

Running on Debian Jessie, with systemd removed, php 5.6 and postgresql 9.4.

Now seeing some long running include/externals.php processes, having just killed one running for 2 days. php5-fpm was running using 47.2% and had to be restarted.

The problems I've had before with were probably caused by errors like these
server process (PID 2207) was terminated by signal 7: Bus error

These are caused by an openvz configuration problem. with openvz trying to access memory which is not available.
Thomas Willingham
It doesn't cause any problems.  It does makes debugging slightly tricky sometimes.  A few times we've had Friendica issues wrongly identified as Red issues because we have a lot of the same file names.  The reverse happens too, but less commonly for whatever reason.

Other than that, it's just a question of resources.
I should also mention how the signal 7: Bus error messages were detected.
I set up red again on the original server was on and imported my channel to it.
Later I decided to convert the database from mysql to postgresql. The database conversion failed with the signal 7: Bus error messages. Php5-fpm was also giving out these messages.
So if the database conversion fails for anyone else in the future with these messages, the cause is probably a duff openvz server.
When I had the problems with, it was running on an openvz server from Torqhost in Estonia. I've just noticed that is using an ip address also from Torqhost. If is openvz, it could also be having problems from signal 7: Bus errors.