Curious, these days I am experimenting with various problems, and I can say that  its administrator is great, but these days the site has serious problems. This makes me think how important is the work of Mike about the nomadic identity, this independence from the server, this ability to have clones. I myself have my clone, and when not work (already has happened  2 times), I do not care, I use my clone in another site/hub without problems.
While in the case of diaspora or gnusocial (and others ......) I can not do this.
But I must say it is very sad to see how people do not matter at all with these things...and do not consider this important feature in a decentralized, distributed, federated foss network.

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OK zot is nomadic identity but I understand that you don't have nomadic identity with pro version. Maybe I misunderstood.  as far as I understand the pro version is in developpement and   for me it is something for the future.  Let's concentrate to basic and standard version today. Let's make this versions solid rock and stable for daily use.
yes, of course you have nomadic identity in PRO, 'cause you have pure Zot in PRO.
BlaBlaNet, is not mine, I have  channels here,  but is not mine, has 'certificate problems ssl thing'... , I can not login in, i'm using my clone ( got zot ;) )
Keith ( the admin) is a good person, and experienced, but unfortunately somewhat absent now....