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in Can comment on or like my posts - Anybody on the internet is vanished.
There is a BUG? A new feature? or depends on plugins?
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now I saw another little problem : you did not enable std_embeds plugin . ( problems like )
I have 2/3 channels (forums) without clones in I have  a lot of channels in  the Zot  planet, and not the time for doing all the clones. has some problems in the last times.
It seems that the admin  did not notice :(

Maybe some of you has a way to contact the

cc @Hubzilla Support Forum+
cc @JRandal
it seems #fixed
The problem was caused by the automated Lets Encrypt ssl update failing due to no default ipv6 route.
Great advances are often not recognized as such in the beginning, only coming into their own only years later.
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Just thinking it was all a complete and total waste of time.

No. What you've achieved is much greater than the code only. You have made a difference for everyone here, as an inspiration and a way of thinking that we carry with us for the future. That's no small footprint.
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Just thinking it was all a complete and total waste of time.

Mike, you've achieved, that is your merit, that I in 10 days have the possibility Hubzilla on  Linux Vacation/Eastern Europe (LVEE)


LVEE has the goal of experience sharing between the specialists at design, development, maintenance and adoption of open source solutions, attracting more wide subset of the IT community to the public dialog about the free software abilities, problems of its integration and ways of their solving.

to present. Here Hubzilla - введение, возможности, Hubzilla-сообщество


Hubzilla – introduction, possibilities, Hubzilla community» Hubzilla is a free and open source platform running on a special kind of web server, called a "hub", that can connect to other hubs in a decentralised network called "the grid", providing sophisticated communications, identity, and access control services which work together seamlessly across domains and independent websites. It allows anybody to publicly or privately publish content via "channel

the russian edition of my theses for the LVEE-presentation. The german edition  Hubzilla - Einführung, Möglichkeiten, Hubzilla community is also already half-finished.
one of my hubs not more delivery posts  and comments... what's the problem?

CC @Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum)  you also have this , right?  do you remember what was  the problem?
#fixed ...the tables :like
thinking even in UNO , and its interaction with other networks....

federation with diaspora is broken, all pods with version ≥ do not receive our comments or like in the posts started from diaspora.
Is a 'crippled' federation.
(and  I have also  some problem with the new versions of friendica - already talking about federation)

The main problem with diaspora is that the majority of the pods today use a version ≥ ...

cc @Channel One+ @Redmatrix / Hubzilla Support Channel+
The biggest need we have is neutral communication between project developers, free from rock throwing.

This was one of my biggest goals towards the end of my tenure at Diaspora. It is a very long, frustrating process - I've talked to quite a lot of people in different project spaces, and some of them do indeed like to throw rocks. Not Invented Here Syndrome sucks. So does settling on the most watered-down thing for cross-platform communication. But we all have to start somewhere, and I believe that many projects have good pieces to the puzzle.

This Jason have an account in hubzilla? Did he try to know hubzilla? did he try to talk with diaspora from hubzilla? Did he try to understand federation problems, communication problems ? Did he try to create connections from hubzilla?
He have a friendica account ? He tested a friendica account?

I get that perhaps trying out other platforms sets a good precedent - but it doesn't necessarily make you any worse of a person for not using other things. Some people within the federation are totally happy with the one platform they're using, and their desire is to simply get their platform to work with other platforms. Some people believe that confirming to protocols and setting up proper endpoints is all they need to do for their application - and their mentality is not entirely misguided.

You could throw the same argument at the MediaGoblin people for just using Pump and not using any other protocol - that doesn't necessarily invalidate their desire to put a working federated web together across multiple platforms. They're just following what they believe to be the best way forward.

I have mused on the possibility of writing federation protocol connectors for Hubzilla. I know nothing about it, of course, but I do know that Hubzilla can function as a polyglot for different protocols. If Diaspora, Hubzilla, and Pump all moved to use a specific protocol, we could implement it in the same way that Diaspora federation is implemented, and then figure out how to contribute zot's best bits to an upstream implementation of the spec. Or use Zot as a fallback for Hubzilla users.

Honestly, if we could just get MagicAuth for everyone, that would be truly fucking magical. You could resolve one of the biggest UX problems of interacting with federated content in different places on the web.
Well politics in a noble sense is about building a common vision, which helps working together towards a common goal.
Sean, you know what you have done in recent years ? you showed interest and not only had  interest, you've tried to understand, you used, you helped, all behaviors which then prompted other people to also have an interest in  #federation, the initial friendicaRED plans  with zot were not the ones to have federation with diaspora, things have evolved because people, devs saw interest from/by other people.

That's what I say, I do not speak technically.

Really people have to put aside the ego, and be more empathetic.

I have so many old channels (especially groups) that I want to clone (hubzilla), but every time I've done this in the past I tipped the server, also because there is enough content in these channels... what is the best way to proceed without causing so much damage?
Cloning I think it works well when there is little content, but in the case of change of platform we are inevitably forced to change again.
Either we have to wait for something like an 'automatic switchover' from redmatrix to hubzilla per site (therefore with a transfer of the entire database)?

@Channel One+  @Redmatrix / Hubzilla Support Channel+
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Hee hee. Actually I didn't type the br's in the code block. They were added as part of the markdown -> html -> bbcode transition somewhere.

But no matter, it's not important right now. I suuuure would love to wrap all that stuff in unit tests though. Eventually. Just to catch all these things and make sure they don't come back.
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Hahaha, oh I can't wait to see that as your new avatar. It's perfect.
an APP for view your clones and decide the primary.

cc @Redmatrix / Hubzilla Support Channel+  @F O S W+


And it's perfectly reasonable to desire to see an app in operation before installing it. That way if you think it sucks you don't have to un-install it.
the fact nevertheless remains that what I say is true.

#obstinate eh eh
questo è il codice per il #malfidato ( e come dargli torto? :-) ) che parla italiano .... buona fortuna! ;-)