from what I see we always need to explain the difference between #federation and #crossposting for new and even old users. Maybe it's better to create a page in the "help" to explain it in the best way.

Often my attempts to explain have failed, perhaps because I explain bad, maybe because people are stubborn, or perhaps for other reasons, so you do not ask me to write this page.

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Well if you think about it, it isn't "another network", or even another protocol. It's another website. Somehow with all these layers on top of layers on top of layers it's easy to lose sight of that. On usenet, it was multiple newsgroups, on the web, it's multiple urls.

But yeah, 'syndication' might be less confusing, but still imprecise somehow.

Also @thomas is probably right.
another reason why cross-posting is actually the same word is because it contains within it the notion of "cross-pollination". Usually on usenet it was used in the negative sense. Like "STOP CROSS-POSTING, they'll find our new group and start posting penis pill spam again!".
However, in the social media age, cross-pollination is considered a good thing.

One major difference though, posting one message to 2 newsgroups was considered cross-posting. Posting a duplicate message to 2 groups, was not. I think this is a semantic protocol difference rather than a human language difference though.
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not always negative when not used inapproprately .. . but spammers ruined the party!
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