Great advances are often not recognized as such in the beginning, only coming into their own only years later.
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Just thinking it was all a complete and total waste of time.

No. What you've achieved is much greater than the code only. You have made a difference for everyone here, as an inspiration and a way of thinking that we carry with us for the future. That's no small footprint.
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Just thinking it was all a complete and total waste of time.

Mike, you've achieved, that is your merit, that I in 10 days have the possibility Hubzilla on  Linux Vacation/Eastern Europe (LVEE)


LVEE has the goal of experience sharing between the specialists at design, development, maintenance and adoption of open source solutions, attracting more wide subset of the IT community to the public dialog about the free software abilities, problems of its integration and ways of their solving.

to present. Here Hubzilla - введение, возможности, Hubzilla-сообщество


Hubzilla – introduction, possibilities, Hubzilla community» Hubzilla is a free and open source platform running on a special kind of web server, called a "hub", that can connect to other hubs in a decentralised network called "the grid", providing sophisticated communications, identity, and access control services which work together seamlessly across domains and independent websites. It allows anybody to publicly or privately publish content via "channel

the russian edition of my theses for the LVEE-presentation. The german edition  Hubzilla - Einführung, Möglichkeiten, Hubzilla community is also already half-finished.
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'password reset' works with you?

my daughter has forgotten the password and tried the 'reset' (also with me)  in one of my personal hub, but still  not got nothing in the email.

#bug or personal (hub) problem?
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personally rather the question of having notifications via email or other things via email I'm do not care much, the important thing is to have this (notifications...) when you do log-in in hubzilla, and hope that works well ,

while the question of forgetting the password is actually very different, more important...
Catching up on this thread. I understand there are two mail addresses used: noreply and administrator. Why not use noreply in every instance ?
In the latest work (which was already completed but needs to undergo a fair bit of testing before I can merge it), all the mail functions have been merged and we use two addresses. The 'sender' is Administrator, and the 'reply-to' is noreply. However - I've also merged all the places these are used and allow either or both to be over-ridden by configuration. You can set the sender to be Santa Claus or postmaster and the reply-to to nobody or make them both the same or pretty much do whatever you want.

The phpmailer *addon* provides configuration possibilities and since it's an addon, you can replace that with something that sends via xmpp or even twitter if that rocks your boat. At the moment, it merely passes the post to sendmail, but through configuration you can use authenticated remote mailers - including gmail which uses it's own variant of oauth for authentication.

This is the place where I'm probably going to hand it back to the community, because it's going to take a lot of UI expertise to present hundreds of new configuration options combinations. I would in fact suggest we just provide an explanation of the common settings and use util/config to set them - like we do for LDAP. This way folks who shouldn't ought to be configuring mail servers won't easily screw it up and flood our support channels. Those who know what they need can get the right config in a few minutes.

*If* a UI is provided for the config, I also suggest we incorporate a 'test' button to generate a test message and see if it's working.
how is it possible this morning I got a friend request from diaspora? here is not active D*protocol

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I'm in hub (my clone)

o problema maior  imho é que  justamente esse protocolo  usado ( diaspora protocol ) nem sempre garante a visualização de  post ou comentários, e isso inevitavelmente  afeta  também a federação , já que para "federar"  nós aqui usamos também o protocolo diaspora.
if you're not in the same pod of author of the post you have no guarantees that the author can read your comment, this has always been so in  diaspora network.
And it was one of the reasons why I  preferred to use other things.
if none of the users ( of pod-x) has you as a friend/contact, then you have very large chance that your comments and even your post, as well as the profile, are not seen, they do not exist in that pod ( pod-x).

friendica, as well hubzilla, they do not work that way, fortunately.

Something that a d*-user has to do is to have friends in all the pods, and this is already a big step to ensure a good federated communication .
But is also  a thing, from a certain point of view, difficult to accomplish and ridiculous.
 Los Higos,  
we don't  have  the app for this "thing" thing :-)

#bug ?