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i did not have much appreciation for Deep Purple until I listened to this :)
 my house near the sea,  
I do not like using proprietary corporations networks for reasons that you all imagine.
but also I do not like to use the #federation for obvious reasons of lack of respect towards people and their ideas and customs. there are a lot of idiots who write/post shit without worrying about using the nsf-w tag for example, there are really a lot of strange people, especially in diaspora, that always, at some point, start offending others without a real reason ....
and, moreover, often these strange people are your contacts (connections as we use to say), therefore, it is useless not to have certain contacts or block them (and this is a problem: I should eliminate all or almost my contacts since they have  certain contacts ?! :-O ).
The #zot community, I think because it is still a small community, is perhaps the only one in which I find myself without problem (but excluding that problem mentioned above).
What do you suggest? I should perhaps give up definitively to do/use "social network" thing?

Also I notice that different people in these networks, not having their real friends or family using these things/software, they are tempted to enrich their lists of "friends" connections, so they are willing also to accept things that, logically, do not  should accept (this being said in a general way, then there are clearly particular cases), but, in short, the tendency is to accept almost everyone because we need to have our list to socialize.
For example:" I accept Karine (random name) because I, male, need to have women on my list, and also Karine is  beautiful (OMG), and therefore, despite her sometimes post shit, and despite her sometimes offends, and so heavy , the others, I do not want to renounce her" :facepalm in short, as if Karine were an old friend of ours LOL

A situation  then, perhaps, all this, today, that is normal, even in social networks, but, definitely, I find it difficult to continue instead in this direction of "but we accept almost all, even the Nazis and psychopaths, we need to socialize, quite right?".
What I notice in these free networks is that, since there are no filters, censorship, everyone feels free to write any kind of shit, and especially in certain networks as a diaspora (probably today also and especially in mastodon) many people come to us especially for that reason, and not for any ideology, as a foss ideology for ex., these people often have profiles in facebook and twitter, but here, in the free networks, they are free to write a lot  of shit...and the community does not always get to fix things.

So I find myself tired again, and I do not know if my patience has some reserves in the warehouse of patience. I could definitely disappear or create a ridiculous new profile with just 5 friends, just to say... I am and I continue to be an "abnormal". I'm "fucked" .

"Perhaps there are civic ..."
yes, certainly there are, in any case,
sometimes I do not find the time, sometimes the means of transport to reach certain places, sometimes a mix of physical and mental fatigue, lack of money, and means of transport ....

ps: not having a car will definitely change your life, sometimes in a positive sense, sometimes the opposite.
I'm also without a car. I'm glad I have constructed a life without one, but I agree there are challenges.
it seems that not everyone can see this I post in a new comment

Andrew ManningAndrew Manning wrote the following post Fri, 20 Jul 2018 13:33:28 +0100
I posted this yesterday but my hub is not delivering and I haven't had a chance to debug yet. I'm posting this directly on your wall...

There is definitely a big difference between reading posts of strangers and spending time with people in person. "Social networking" in this sense is not really social. It's more like "interactive publishing", and it is not a good substitute if what you need is real socialization. I agree it is disappointing that almost all opportunities to meet new people involve paying money. There are plenty of free things to do where I live, like visiting parks or walking around town, but those are things you typically do with an existing friend. You can't ask a stranger to go walk with you in the park, right! You'd be seen as a weirdo. Perhaps there are civic institutions you could participate in and meet people that way? It might even lead to job opportunities?
I am authenticated into the site, with my primary clone of the same site, but I'm not logged in.
What devilry is this?
I probably made a very strange turn, such a different site where i still was authenticated and from there I went back to my profile.

I made #zot crazy.
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