Important : startpage addon

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Administrators of public hubs, especially those with federation, I recommend to enable the startpage plugin, a "blessing" that serves to bring us directly to the page we prefer when we log in to the hub.

This is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises when we enter for example in our hubzilla in a bar/pub or other public place like a school.
For example: creating a list/group of trusted friends (the ones we know who never betray us by posting an integral nude for example without using the right tag :-) ), we can direct our login into the hub directly to  /network but with just the posts of that group of friends, thus avoiding to have the general /network with some surprise.... ;-)

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I have enabled this plugin on (updated HZ to 3.4.2 as well).
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I do not like using proprietary corporations networks for reasons that you all imagine.
but also I do not like to use the #federation for obvious reasons of lack of respect towards people and their ideas and customs. there are a lot of idiots who write/post shit without worrying about using the nsf-w tag for example, there are really a lot of strange people, especially in diaspora, that always, at some point, start offending others without a real reason ....
and, moreover, often these strange people are your contacts (connections as we use to say), therefore, it is useless not to have certain contacts or block them (and this is a problem: I should eliminate all or almost my contacts since they have  certain contacts ?! :-O ).
The #zot community, I think because it is still a small community, is perhaps the only one in which I find myself without problem (but excluding that problem mentioned above).
What do you suggest? I should perhaps give up definitively to do/use "social network" thing?

Also I notice that different people in these networks, not having their real friends or family using these things/software, they are tempted to enrich their lists of "friends" connections, so they are willing also to accept things that, logically, do not  should accept (this being said in a general way, then there are clearly particular cases), but, in short, the tendency is to accept almost everyone because we need to have our list to socialize.
For example:" I accept Karine (random name) because I, male, need to have women on my list, and also Karine is  beautiful (OMG), and therefore, despite her sometimes post shit, and despite her sometimes offends, and so heavy , the others, I do not want to renounce her" :facepalm in short, as if Karine were an old friend of ours LOL

A situation  then, perhaps, all this, today, that is normal, even in social networks, but, definitely, I find it difficult to continue instead in this direction of "but we accept almost all, even the Nazis and psychopaths, we need to socialize, quite right?".
What I notice in these free networks is that, since there are no filters, censorship, everyone feels free to write any kind of shit, and especially in certain networks as a diaspora (probably today also and especially in mastodon) many people come to us especially for that reason, and not for any ideology, as a foss ideology for ex., these people often have profiles in facebook and twitter, but here, in the free networks, they are free to write a lot  of shit...and the community does not always get to fix things.

So I find myself tired again, and I do not know if my patience has some reserves in the warehouse of patience. I could definitely disappear or create a ridiculous new profile with just 5 friends, just to say... I am and I continue to be an "abnormal". I'm "fucked" .

is OK to feel online fatigue...step away from the devices for a bit.

it's right, but, at the same time, a little bit difficult. My life in this age and in the country where I live is already a life with few social relationships... too few.
My financial situation also hampers me a lot.
it's a country where I find it difficult to socialize with ease, I do not find that half term that is my cup of tea.
I live too much inside the house, except when I go to the beach (in this moment that is winter very little), or I bring my daughter to school for ex., or some shopping tour.
I do not have the means to join  the pubs/bars, the places I like. We live by consuming today, at least here, and at this moment I can not consume.
In Italy my life was different, certainly more social, we can have fun even without consuming, if we can say so.
But here it is different: to have fun without consuming here means to attend places and people with whom I do not have much to socialize sincerely, for reasons of taste and culture....People with whom I could find myself well, they are people who go out and always spend some money, here in this continent.
So here, sadly, a lot of my social life in these years takes place online, certainly not all of course . But during this period, especially after having lost a lot of my work, and the costs have increased and much with the my daughter's growth, everything has changed. Also, I used to work in a language school before and I had a lot of new contacts and knowledge.
And the need to have social relationships and to look for people with whom you know that you can tackle certain topics, split thoughts, etc., in short, leads us to take different paths, as well as using the internet.
To further reduce my social relationships does not seem to me a good idea, and again, search out of digital life here it is not so easy, either for a question of money, age, means, culture, etc.............
I've been living here for about 20 years... after 20 years I could not find a good mate to see a cheap jazz jam session on Saturday ... just saying
It's not easy, it pulls forward.
Then, we are here, my friend. :-)
I posted this yesterday but my hub is not delivering and I haven't had a chance to debug yet. I'm posting this directly on your wall...

There is definitely a big difference between reading posts of strangers and spending time with people in person. "Social networking" in this sense is not really social. It's more like "interactive publishing", and it is not a good substitute if what you need is real socialization. I agree it is disappointing that almost all opportunities to meet new people involve paying money. There are plenty of free things to do where I live, like visiting parks or walking around town, but those are things you typically do with an existing friend. You can't ask a stranger to go walk with you in the park, right! You'd be seen as a weirdo. Perhaps there are civic institutions you could participate in and meet people that way? It might even lead to job opportunities?
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Iceberg gigante si arena a ridosso villaggio Groenlandia  - ANSAcom


Per evitare il peggio se si spaccasse è già cominciata l'evacuazione
I don't like what it means but it's beautiful.
surely it is not good news at all.
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Archaeologists Find What Could be the Oldest Written Record of Homer's 'Odyssey'
Breaking news and analysis from Politics, world news, photos, video, tech reviews, health, science and entertainment news.
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In fondo lo sapevamo, giusto?

Da Lsd a funghi magici, droghe psichedeliche curano gravi disturbi mentali - Salute & Benessere


Da droghe allucinogene come Lsd e funghetti magici, ovvero sostanze psichedeliche associate allo
sballo e particolarmente amate dagli Hippy, sembrano arrivare interessanti possibilità di cura per
gravi problemi mentali.

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Students raise £1,500 for 'jolly' cleaner


Bristol University students successfully crowdfunded more than £1,500 to send their "legend" cleaner to Jamaica.
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Radio GiacoRadio Giaco wrote the following post Thu, 28 Jun 2018 17:18:18 +0100
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what about?

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because today her face has appeared in the italian media
A 28 yo with no political experience knocked off the 4th ranking member of the US House of Representatives, who was widely expected to replace Nancy Pelosi as leader in the House.
even today I saw some articles. .this girl is becoming famous
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Radio GiacoRadio Giaco wrote the following post Sun, 17 Jun 2018 15:45:03 +0100
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Connection has been removed.
oh yes, that guy had really broken my balls.
I can't see the text. The font size is very small. I used a :mag: to read it.

Connection has been removed.
oh yes, that guy had really broken my balls.
there are a lot of strange people in these networks. or maybe I'm getting old.
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it seems (I see in vilarejo hub) that after we moved from github
$vmaster and $vdev do not know where to catch

at least in admin page

Repository version (master) ?.?
Repository version (dev) ?.?

!Hubzilla Support Forum
I had this before doing a git pull from the new repo but not after.
good to know, so is just vilarejo that need to update.
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yes but... poll just works in enterprise ... it's complicated , at least for me.
FRAMAGIT is not enterprise

How to keep your fork up to date with its origin


GitLab Repository Mirroring: the best way to keep your fork up-to-date!
You can use existing ssh keys, and you can use your ssh key for multiple git servers. As usual, you have to upload the public key only, e.g. $HOME/.ssh/ or similar.
so.. I got
The authenticity of host ' (' can't be established.
ECDSA key fingerprint is SHA256andblablabla.....
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes
Warning: Permanently added ',' (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.
Authentication failed.
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.
so  I need ssh -T before :)

but then you need to fix git set-url --push with git remote set-url --push
the right conscience of using a federated foss network?

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Curious how many people arrive in these networks were thinking, in a certain way, to be able to do exactly what they probably did in the famous networks of hell.

A classic example is the user that in facebook had 800 contacts, I do not fuck know how a person can read the posts of 800 contacts in a day, where the fuck he finds the time? Not even an unemployed person, who does nothing all day, finds time.

Having 100, 150 contacts is already more than enough...

Furthermore, first of all, let's consider what kind of mammoth and powerful servers use services/corporations like facebook/twitter.
Sincerely, you who join our  foss networks, do you really think that network administrators here are able to afford servers of such size and power?
that our administrators can always give the luxury of having 1000 users with 1000 contacts each?
In your opinion, what time of life we have to give these public nodes/hubs?

Certainly this is a general discourse that can serve everyone.
But now we consider that not all software is the same.
For example, consider 2: mastodon and hubzilla.
There are 2 completely different things, which do completely different things.
The first JUST a microblogging service, the second a sort of CMS, with various functions.
Imagine what kind of server it takes to run an hubzilla public hub by having say ...30,000 accounts, each of which likes to surround itself with 500 contacts?!
Do you ever ask such things when you place 700 abundant people coming from mastodon - diaspora - GNUsocial and other... among your contacts?

Can you imagine what kind of damage can you give to the node/hub and its administrator when you act on this form?

But do you really need to have all these connections/contacts?
Well, if the answer is yes, then you probably are not made for this world, but you should go back to using the big networks/corporations with their super mammoth servers.

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I know, I need to set up a personal ZeroNet clearnet proxy, but this is not an attractive public solution; even ZeroNet is not populated
Here is the YunoHost package to get personal proxy.

You can open it for public and use it over the TOR.
may be, a clear, explict and distributed (proportionated on resources consumed) cryptocurrency mining could be another solution
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it seems that the exclusion/deletion of a user (and even channel exclusion) does not work (in the admin page)
the page runs, runs... but does not solve the problem.

We use  a dev version (i don't know the number of version 'cause is off-line in this moment)

has anyone else experienced this?
A big problem  not being able to exclude a user from our hubs...
@Hubzilla Support Forum+
Unless the source of the problem is identified, it will remain "something mysterious happened" and nothing will be done to fix it. You are welcome to read through every line of code in the application and make wild guesses. I've done this in the past, but it's not a very efficient method of debugging.
It's solved now. I raised the memory limit, deleted the user and lower the memory limit again.
so if  I also cannot delete Mir.... channel (you know who is), as before So... channel ( you also know), I can suppose that M channel has also a lot lot of connections ( he hides  connections   and so is impossible for me to know the exact number of connections?) , and we can say that a channel with a lot of connections needs a more memory for deleting?
ps: s soon as I want to clarify that these characters(channels) have been warned but have not shown the slightest interest in
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Microsoft is acquiring GitHub! Read our blog and Satya Nadella's post to learn more. ...

cc @Zot universe NEWS+
GitLab Ultimate and Gold now free for education and open source

Today, we're excited to announce that GitLab Ultimate and Gold are now free for educational institutions and open source projects.

1.Educational institutions: any institution whose purposes directly relate to learning, teaching, and/or training by a qualified educational institution, faculty, or student. Educational purposes do not include commercial, professional, or any other for-profit purposes. To apply, send an email to Once your application has been approved, we will send your license code.

2.Open source projects: any project that uses a standard open source licence and is non-commercial. It should not have paid support or paid contributors. To apply, send a merge request to add your project to a list of open source projects using GitLab Ultimate and Gold.
Not valid forma free software lol
With open source projects in Subversion, Mercurial or git you could, for example, move to OSDN:
Or you could move to Savannah:
For self-hosting there is also for
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@Claudio Maradonna
Buon compleanno cumpà
Grazie cumpa :) meglio tardi che mai. Il dialetto è delle mie parti xD
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plz,  I want to understand better the priority codes in /admin/queue
there is a doc? or an old post about this?
@Hubzilla Support Forum+
I have some with 130, and 110,  90 , 70...

I think is more than 3 days..or I'm wrong?
They start out trying to deliver ever 10 minutes (or whatever your cron interval is). So 130 could be reached in a couple of hours.
ah ..ok , now  I understand.
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..and this is for...Instagram.
PixelFed - Federated Image Sharing
PixelFed is an activitypub based image sharing platform.
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what do you suggest for this?


@Hubzilla Support Forum+
Check your connections. Many will not be accessible. Remove these connections.
They can also be unattainable clones.
In any case: your server has problems delivering the messages.
...Many will not be accessible.
and unattainable clones.

is a classic  in public hubs for what i know.

problem is that the numbers in the queues are very large, and I would like to know how to act in this case. If there is a possible and better combination (....Deliveries per process, Queue Threshold...).
today we have just 10 in  the queue :like
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Pink Floyd - Young Lust Demo
by Axel Merlino on YouTube