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is I have fear that my heart does not hold ....

Roger Waters - "Time" - Live in Mexico City, Oct. 2016
by Roger Waters on YouTube

...if I do not come back alive, know that it was nice to be here with you these years :-D

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this guy started out with a crappy misogynist student app to grade girls on the basis of their cuteness. now 10 years later, he is a multi-billionaire who gets to censor the internet, along with the two guys who own google. he is slowly trying to eliminate any website that doesn’t conform to his consumerist world view. you can be our brothers guys, or you can be “big brother” but you can’t be both!

Mestre Moa (capoeira) was killed during a political discussion 10 days before the concert.
page of a book ... maybe

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Me -do you think I can open this image in every place in the city?
One man - Yes
Me- Let's reformulate the question: do you think I can open this image anywhere in the city without anyone being scandalized?
One man - I do not know this. I do not see why someone is scandalized with this image.
Me- ok, we repeat the question: do you think I can open this image anywhere in the city without anyone being scandalized?
One man - I do not think we should be scandalized.
Me - Ok, but for you there are people in the city that are scandalized, answer yes or no?
One man- Probably someone yes but ...
Me -Wait . You said probably yes. So I ask you: do you think even in the workplace there are people who are scandalized, or at home of my wife's parents do you think there are also there?
One man - It could also happen but ...
Me - Wait, do not always say but... As soon as you answer yes or not, ok? do you think I can open this image even knowing that maybe some of my relatives in my mother-in-law's house could be scandalized or in the workplace for example? In your opinion, I can open it, yes or not?
One man - But this does not mean that ....
Me - Wait, do not start another conversation,plz,  just answer yes or not, ok?
One man - So... you can open it, yes, because there's nothing wrong with this image
Me - So, even knowing that someone is offended I can open it, is it that you affirm?
One man - We can not make ourselves condemned by society. Society can not define us, it can not limit our freedom of ..... bla bla bla bla bla bla.
Me - :-O
Result: the person knew and could well understand that someone could be scandalized, perhaps your employer, or your client, with consequent loss of work, but this did not prevent the person to act according to his convictions and his way to think and run the risk of damaging his contact.
I know only one thing, I would not have done it, I would have put aside my ideas so as not to run the risk of causing harm to someone.
Just this, without even thinking about it more than a second.
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So today I found nudity without tag n s f w  both in this channel and in the other one I use for the federation. As it happens in  diaspora, but now they are hubzilla people. And, as happens in diaspora, even these people now get angry if you kindly ask to use the tag in certain posts. :facepalm
Why these people see the tag n s f w as if it is a censorship or a block or a monster, I honestly do not understand this. it is just a tool that serves for a certain purpose, restrict a post so as to hide it until someone clicks.

I think that some people are really ignorant and stubborn.
Acho que  eu não sou mais "feito" para ficar nessa onda de rede social e tal... não tenho  nem mais a força de responder, cansei... olha aqui por ex.

cansado desse povo maluco, única coisa boa  talvez é que é #foss , mas o resto?  igual o pior daquilo que eu tanto desprezo ;-)
Eu não tenho ideia de quem é seu amigo pastor.

Ninguem está brigando aqui, apenas discutindo pontos de vista diferentes sobre uma questão que você acha pequena maz que outras pessoas acham importante discutir, até para propor soluções que sejam mais garantidas para o seu caso do que depender da concordância dos outros.

Sobre redes em geral, usar FLOSS nuca impediu ninguém de ser mal educado. Usando FLOSS nós podemos desenhar redes que amplifiquem menos a voz dos trolls, mas não podemos desaparecer com eles.

o nosso amigo ..nosso, de algumas pessoas aqui, de todas  as mais velhas dessa rede.
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So..if you are in DEV and start having problems with your diaspora contacts, moreover, if the "n s f w" filter starts giving problems, No Panic!

Go to the apps page and, among the available apps, search for and install diaspora and n s f w again.
...and maybe check if you need to install something else ;-)
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what's this ?
The form security token was not correct. This probably happened because the form has been opened for too long (>3 hours) before submitting it.

I was in the admin pages  and, from nothing, it appeared

!Hubzilla Support Forum
This is an anti CSRF token that protects forms, like saving settings in admin page. The tokens get invalidated after 3 hours by default, so if you had open the admin page for more than 3 hours and then click the save button the token was invalid, your changes did not get saved and this message appears.
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it was 3 maybe 4 years that I did not drink a pu-erhr tea ...

a sort of forest wood flavor :-)
!Camellia Sinensis Moment
mia figlia diceva che aveva sapore di mina della matita anni fa ....:))

cmq la prima acqua va buttata via, diciamo dopo  un 50 secondi, perché troppo forte veramente ;)
I never had Pu Erh. It's definitely a tea I want to try, and just a few days ago I looked in the online shop of my favorite small tea store, but they don't have any Pu Erh, unfortunately. Not sure yet where I'll order some.
aliexpress is where I bought Chinese tea at really good prices.
  from ZAP/ZotPost
Testing zotpost from osada

Roger Waters Us + Them tour - "One of These Days"
by Roger Waters on YouTube

Salvador -Bahia
October 17, 2018
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very strange behavior for the priority 10 queues which in truth refer to sites without problems that are online.
for example, the last 3 yesterday were priority 10 and today they are 20, but it is right because those sites are having problems (or even they are dead)
while the other 3 are strangely all on-line, but I continue to accumulate messages in the queues and the thing does not resolve.
What can be the cause of this behavior of accumulating, not delivering to online sites but who already have the damn brand of the devil 10?
Yes, because if a site that works (is on-line) ends among those with the number 10 then everything stops.
Has anyone else noticed this thing? #admins
ps: consideration: all this started with the latest updates (DEV) 10/12 days ago...

246    10
138                            10
68                    10
7                            20
7                    20
7                    20

!Hubzilla Support Forum
not is not ok... because the behavior is not the normal of all time ... they stay there for days and days, always with 10. while before they changed or disappeared (because if the site is online then they are delivered)
those with priority 10 but belonging to working sites (on-line), they remain blocked/stranded, and  I don't know why.
Queue Threshold is set to 3500 ( as  also experimented set to 20000 last days  - LOL) ...but nothing nothing changes
We no longer use priority scheduling, but instead use time-based scheduling. So whether or not the numbers change is interesting (it may indicate there is a recent regression in the code) but the number itself doesn't really have any impact on the way things are delivered.
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in recent times, the vilarejo hub was going well.
Some time ago we had a sort of spring cleaning ;-) , and it was fine.
starting from these days it went really well until the last week.

We have always been in DEV version.

Now, in the last week, after updating (it was a few weeks since we were not updating) it's an hell again.
But we do not have an explanation, because no new members have arrived, with new connections, etc. ... Nothing new in that sense.
So something happened in the code probably.
The error that  is giving is something  as: too many connections, number of simultaneous connections to the database.
Someone (with DEV)  is experiencing something like that in the last week ?
!Hubzilla Support Forum
I'm going to run the new code for a bit and watch my log files and see what happens. Since it has to be "enabled" in order to work, if everything seems to go well with it overnight, I'll push it to dev tomorrow.
Thanks. I'll give it a workout, but want to be able to backout if needed. It took a long time to make this work. You're right, they kill too many processes as well as long running processes. The main issue is if the long running process is the main job controller. From your description, this should still work, but I just want to have a plan B if it doesn't. The current system has a lot of flaws but it's quite reliable in the face of process reapers. One way or another everything gets delivered.
Im usually all about plab B's, and am kind of surprised I didn't think to build it this way in the Bfirst place.

One tweak that could also be made is instead of having a loop, have it do as the current system does and have it fork a new process. The only real benefit to a loop is that it reduces the set-up time.
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where can I experiment Osada or/and Zap?
is there any hub (under construction) where some prodigals do experiments?
Can I enter?

cc !Zot universe NEWS !Hubzilla Support Forum
I added the pdo driver check yesterday because apparently we only checked for existence previously, not whether it actually had any drivers we could use. It requires namespacing. The corrected module has just been pushed to all branches.
looks like he just posted updates


hopefully that solves the problem :)
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the HZ dev version has Zot6 today?

!Hubzilla Support Forum
No it has some libraries that I installed a month or two ago and a bit of proof-of-concept code from a year ago. It's going to take some work to put it all together without breaking the original zot code.
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what happens with start.hubzilla?
Is off-line
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Ruth Lee flies a Chinese flag while sunbathing on her day off in Miami - December 15th, 1941. Lee, who worked as a hostess at a Chinese restaurant at the time, flew the flag so that she would not be mistaken for Japanese in the wake of the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor a week earlier.
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Putting our heads together: interpersonal neural synchronization as a biological mechanism for shared intentionality | Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience | Oxford Academic


Abstract.  Shared intentionality, or collaborative interactions in which individuals have a shared goal and must coordinate their efforts, is a core component o

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what do you think, Sina #Got #Zot ?

Burn (Deep Purple); drum cover by Sina
by sina-drums on YouTube

cc !Zot universe NEWS
 Zot  Got
i did not have much appreciation for Deep Purple until I listened to this :)
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Bruce Lee groupBruce Lee group wrote the following post Sat, 25 Aug 2018 03:37:47 +0100
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Mike MacgirvinMike Macgirvin wrote the following post Fri, 24 Aug 2018 06:05:34 +0100
It used to just be the military that did bat-shit crazy research.

IBM slaps patent on coffee-delivering drones that can read your MIND


Facial recog, psychological profiling – and scalding liquid flying through the air
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Maybe this is interesting for @Mike Macgirvin


Australians who won’t unlock their phones could face 10 years in jail
by Danny Bradbury on Naked Security

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