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R.I.P. Erin Moran  , "sottiletta" :-( , 56 ys old
Happy Days

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"Such sad sad news. RIP Erin. I'll always choose to remember you on our show making scenes better, getting laughs and lighting up tv screens." by Ron Howard
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I was imagining....

#^uTorrent Will Move to The Web Browser - TorrentFreak

BitTorrent creator Bram Cohen has unveiled plans to move the popular client uTorrent to the web browser. The next revision of the application will run in users' default browser, complete with a revamped interface and a significantly improved streaming experience.
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Auguri @mrjive
...qualcosa di diverso dalla solita torta ;-)

#^Paolo Conte


painting (2011)
Eh grazie, apprezzo ^^
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Yesterday was an exciting day. My daughter did the exam to take the brown belt in #karate . Being the high-belt (in the exam day - but at the same time one of the youngest), she had to make the initial greeting, shouting the initial greeting, beginning with that "scream" I got excited ... and the exam went well.

She gave me pure emotions.
I remember.
who remember the trajectory since the friendica times ?

I do!  :-)

And congratulations to both of you @giac hellvecio !!!
Carolus Rex
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#Dukgo #xmpp is closing

(maybe some of you needs to know)
Carolus Rex
That was my xmpp :/
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@Maria Karlsen I always had the same doubt! Didn't look for an answer but I like think it is the debian swirl ;)
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Encrypted content

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maybe is interesting..

not got zot?
Andrew Manning
Always frustrating to see talent and hard work reinventing the wheel. I guess its not exactly reinventing the wheel since exporting data from Diaspora is its own problem that needs a specific solution, but you know what I mean.
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This is the  king ;-)
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Maria Karlsen
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about #federation

Mike MacgirvinMike Macgirvin wrote the following post Sat, 08 Apr 2017 00:59:56 +0100
How to Federate the Social Web
So there are two web communication services and you want to federate them. Great. You're probably thinking "Let's just all use the same protocol." Easy.

You couldn't be further from the truth. Let me give you an example of what it takes and some of the things you need to consider and problems you *must* resolve to federate two different web communication systems.

We'll start with identity. Who are you communicating with? How do you find them? How do you connect with them? But let's step back to the top. What is an identity anyway?

Does the service use webfinger addresses?

Does it use URLs?

Can an identity be used on two different servers simultaneously?

Can an identity move? How?

Let's say it uses webfinger addresses. What characters are allowed in a username? What if these aren't all supported on your service? Or what if you allow more characters than are allowed on the other service? What do you do?

Are there length restrictions on the username? What are they? How do you resolve differences?

Does the service use "old webfinger" (host XRD) or "new webfinger" or something else?

Is everything you need to communicate with the person available in webfinger? (Highly unlikely.)

What other files or resource do you need to check to find all the information you need to communicate with them? How many of these resources do you need to check before you have enough information to continue?

Does the service allow http only or self-signed certs or any certs which are not "browser valid"? (This affects images and embedded content appearing in remote streams, as many browsers will either not display it or pop up a warning, or in some cases hundreds of warnings if your service is decentralised. It also affects whether you need to fall back to http if an https request fails, potentially doubling the number of lookup requests).

Does the service support privacy? What do you do if it doesn't and a member on your service tries to send a private message to them?

Does the service support private photos? How are these accessed? Are they fetched through an authenticated channel, or embedded? If they are embedded, what are the size restrictions on a message? Can the private photo fit in that size? Will it even be recognised? If authenticated, how do you authenticate exactly? Does this require a popup login box in the middle of your social stream? What if there are more than one of these in your stream? What if there are hundreds? What login do you use? Your own? Or some other login on a different system?

Does the system support private mail (DM)? Does this work from other services? What do you do if it doesn't?

Hashtags. Can they be one word or multiple words? If multiple, how does the service decide where the hashtag ends? Are there length restrictions? Character case restrictions? Character set restrictions? How do you resolve the differences? Are the hashtags linked on the outbound site or on the inbound site? (The latter tends to lead to large centralised servers because small sites are starved of hashtag content.)

Mentions. Same questions as hashtags. Can you mention a person with a webfinger address? What do you do if somebody in a private conversation mentions somebody not included in the conversation? Does this change the privacy?

What is the markup format used? Are there any hacks you need to add to this particular service to support their markup format?

What are the length limits of a post? (This was mentioned earlier w/r/t embedding photos, but now we're just talking about text.) How do you resolve differences in length limits? Are these discoverable? How exactly?

Is there a way to flag a post as adult or inappropriate?

Does the service provide groups/forums? How are these addressed? Can they be mentioned? How? Can they be private? How?

Does the service allow "wall-to-wall" posts? If not, are they able to recognise wall-to-wall posts created on another service or are the posts all incorrectly attributed to the same author?

Does the system support events? Are they timezone aware? Are these iCal enabled? If not, how do you convert iCal information so that it is not lost in federation?

Do they support emojis and/or emoticons? How are these designated? If emoticons are they converted on the sender or receiver side?

Can you retract a private mail message? How?

Can you retract a post? How?

Does the service support editing of posts? How?

Can you "expire" a post/comment? How?

Do comments to your posts require some service specific metadata such as signed XML fields in order for you to federate them to the other service? What if the comment author was on a system which does not federate with the other system and has no concept of requiring signed XML fields? What do you do?

Does the service support 'dislike'?

Does the service support likes of comments?

Tags in comments?

Mentions in comments? What happens to these?

Sub-comments? To what level? How do you collapse them if you service doesn't support the same number of levels?

Does the service support "apps"? What if it doesn't and the post only contains a single embedded app with no text? Do you send it?

Does the service provide a directory?

Can you request friendship/connection/follow from the profile page if non-authenticated? How?

Embedded content - what services are supported? Which are not supported? Can you embed a map? How? Is there a blacklist/whitelist? How do you know in advance if your embed will actually make it "intact" or not?


I came up with this list in under ten minutes based on real-world experience implementing federation between systems. I'm sure I could go for several more pages and still only scratch the surface of compatibility. So if you wish to provide service federation between two providers, these are all questions you need to ask and find answers for. "Just use Activitypub" or "Just use OStatus" isn't going to fix or answer any of these real-world examples.
Carolus Rex
We need a share a cake plugin for Hubzilla :-)
Thank you. That looks like a great cake @giac hellvecio :-)
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We have paying guests today so dinner will actually be chick pea enchiladas with mature cheddar cheese, potato and gherkin salad and a green salad followed by walnut and chocolate brownies. I'm not sure I will have room for extra strawberry and chocolate cake, but I promise to have a go ;-)
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wonderful idea the opportunity to add our favorite things in the top menu on the right ;-)

@Mario Vavti
Maria Karlsen

My Favorite Things
by Rodgers and Hammerstein on YouTube
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I mean the nav bar and possibility to use two colors one at the base and one in the top, that beautiful mix with those shades. I feel #saudade.
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Tutti insieme appassionatamente ... @Maria Karlsen ;)
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There is a fine line sometimes between wisdom and madness, knowing how to identify the line that separates the possible or almost impossible dreams  to those surely impossible is already part of our wisdom, the desire to necessarily cross that line is already part of our madness. G.V.

#my quote
my thoughts during insomnia moments
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it is useful for me
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test successful.
Michael Meer
#no comment
Radio Giaco
I can't see you ..oh..I can't see me ... :-P
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This is  just... marvelous
ps: ...and also a good english lesson ;-)

Progressive RockProgressive Rock wrote the following post Thu, 16 Mar 2017 03:59:54 +0000

Supper's Ready Illustrated
by Nathaniel Barlam on YouTube
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My hero of the week

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Behold - Hubzilla 2.2!
by Haakon Meland Eriksen on YouTube

Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum)Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum) wrote the following post Fri, 10 Mar 2017 09:08:34 +0000
I used gource and ffmpeg - see previous post about this. The visualized source code is only from

, i.e. addons are not included, which could be an improvement since we have moved so much into addons. This is described #^ . I will see if I have time to do it. :-)
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At a high level, Hubzilla 2.2 provides a sneak peek at some of the features and functionality that are scheduled for release as Hubzilla 3.0 later this year. In fact, we managed to work in many of the 3.0 scheduled features and improvements in a little under 8 weeks, and completed approximately half of them.

Some of the things you will discover in version 2.2:

  • Mail preview and the ability to have tags/mentions in private mail - this has gone missing for far too long. Also - magic-auth is now connected to appropriate links in private mail.
  • Vcards have been attached to connections and profiles. This is part of the larger integration of CalDAV and CardDAV taking place later in the year. It brings some instant benefits such as allowing phone calls from the connections list page on compatible devices. With these fundamental pieces in place, additional functionality can be quickly added.
  • Apps are now central to the Hubzilla experience. The navigation bar has been simplified and an "app tray" provides quick access to Hubzilla functions. You can easily add and remove your own favourite apps from the navigation menu.
  • Improved and reorganised help and documentation system. We still have a long way to go, but progress is happening at an incredible pace. The bbcode reference provides explicit illustrations of the available formatting capabilities in an organized table.
  • Your wikis are now nomadic and can be synced to channel clones and backed up with your channel data. This involved changing the storage format. Old wiki content wasn't migrated for various reasons. Your old wikis are available by enabling the 'gitwiki' plugin. You can copy/paste these existing pages to the new wiki, or paste all existing commits if you feel a compelling need to do so. We've also added specific wiki permissions instead of overloading the webpage permissions.
  • More DB specific changes to handle MySQL strict mode (the default in current releases) and which also help with postgres compatibility.
  • Comanche conditional testing was enhanced in several ways, including the ability to change behaviour based on observer.language. This functionality was also added to bbcode.
  • Some work on migrating the "channel move" of Hubzilla Basic into a supported feature in the other server roles. This will allow better federation with other providers which only plan to implement a basic "move" function and are incompatible with nomadic identity (cloned channels). Once these services fully support channel move, Hubzilla channels can choose a move rather than a clone operation and retain cross-service federation when/if they relocate.
  • Cover photos now have a system default which will make profile zcards look less ugly for those who haven't uploaded a cover photo for their channel.
  • Turn the login/remote-auth link into a popup rather than a confusing choice.
  • Permission categories feature added so that you can give one group of people different permissions than another group of people and without requiring you to manually tick each individual permission for each individual person. This is necessary for the built-in issue tracker scheduled for later this year.
  • Delivery queue performance improvements and a more flexible queue scheduler.
  • Virtual privacy groups allows you to use the already selected viewers of a specific alternate profile as a privacy group.
  • Max and min version check for core/theme compatibility. We now fallback to the default theme if a theme does not meet the max/min version requirement.

  • GNU-Social Protocol: connector was finally given a green light after basic functional tests were properly completed and it was officially released.
  • Diaspora Protocol: channel import from Diaspora export file was moved to the plugin rather than in core. A bug was fixed where multiple photos would fail to display properly.
  • Opensearch: moved to plugin from core.
  • Dreamhost: moved to plugin from core.
  • Firefox API: moved to plugin from core.
  • Webmention: new addon to support IndieWeb use.
  • N-S-F-W: uses buttons instead of text links
  • Git-wiki: added to repository to provide access to old wiki storage
  • Phpmailer: updated, security issues

As always a BIG applause goes to all translators and numerous people which help making Hubzilla better with each release.

Get it while it's hot!

If you like what we do, please consider to support this project: #^

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posted by Mario Vavti