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Pink Floyd addictsPink Floyd addicts wrote the following post Fri, 18 May 2018 16:35:34 +0100

Pink Floyd - Young Lust Demo
by Axel Merlino on YouTube
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I did  a special strong  "coffee"  for my friends/devs of the foss networks, I know that some of you (more or less I know who they are) will appreciate.

Enjoy ;-)
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Claudio MaradonnaClaudio Maradonna wrote the following post Sat, 05 May 2018 21:03:50 +0100
Decentralized social: first impressions

Some years ago

Has been passed years when i knew about decentralized social like Diaspora. My first impression was: "Okay we can build something without being controlled, for our future.".
It was a very good starting point.


Now my impression is: "We build freedom for social sharing and must keep safe for future and progress."
Hubzilla seems a very well done move for censor-free information and social share. My congratulations :-)
I like a lot.

"We own what we can hack. Happy hacking!"

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@Zot universe NEWS+
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Radio GiacoRadio Giaco wrote the following post Thu, 03 May 2018 20:03:01 +0100

fucking yeah!
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Shortly Fifty Shades of Grey

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Zika Virus Eliminates Advanced Human Tumor in Central Nervous System in Rodent Model

A Brazilian study published April 26 in the journal Cancer Research shows for the first time in vivo that Zika virus can be used as a tool to treat aggressive human central nervous system (CNS) tumors.

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in Can comment on or like my posts - Anybody on the internet is vanished.
There is a BUG? A new feature? or depends on plugins?
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now I saw another little problem : you did not enable std_embeds plugin . ( problems like )
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lightonelightone wrote the following post Sun, 22 Apr 2018 03:34:41 +0100
Cert error
Hello, #Hubzilla!

My browser shows a certificate error when I visit via https (http nicely redirects).
I was thinking of creating some stickers for Hubzilla, "" link is shorter than "" and looks better on small promotional materials.
Could you please fix the cert? Thanks.

cc @Hubzilla Support Forum+
I know this may seem convoluted, but I think it makes sense to keep the "" domain abstracted from any individual hub or website hosted on a subdomain. I'm surprised an additional redirect was necessary since I already have a CNAME record in place linking to
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I dreamed that Tazman would come back to respond and make comments in hubzilla.
A very strange and pleasant feeling.
We can also deceive ourselves, but the subconscious expresses itself well and when it wants...
the truth is that I miss  a lot that crazy friend

#Tazman <3
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terrible day today, it rained inside the house, in my daughter's room, in the kitchen, and then on the street a lot of rain and some car showered us through the puddles ...
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The downsides of the aguas de março?
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An ex.

If I go in /pubsites  I see as FREE and as OPEN , but we have "Please enter your invitation code" in that hub.
so, there is  a way to modify and shows the right things in /pubsites?

@Hubzilla Support Forum+
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in my opinion you really appreciate silver needle #white tea in the second infusion, in fact in the first infusion the leaves can not fully absorb the water and then release the fantastic flavor. ;)
ps: clearly, being white tea, we talk about short times of infusion.
@Camellia Sinensis Moment+
A good webpage in German language:
è molto difficile distinguere tra Gong Mei e Shou Mei, in ogni caso il sapore  è forte ( e diverso)  , e la prima infusione già è forte ;-)

il  Pai Mu Tan ha un sapore simile  a Silver Needle, ma già alla prima infusione è squisito, molto squisito.
A volte mi resta più comodo preparare il Pai Mu Tan appunto per questo motivo, col Silver N. io devo sempre aspettare la seconda infusione  per gustarmelo al meglio, e non sempre noi abbiamo tempo di aspettare...

indian white tea, probabilmente è simile al Pai Mu Tan , ma se è Darjeeling deve essere squisito proprio.
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Lulz ! :)

jeroenpraatjeroenpraat wrote the following post Wed, 11 Apr 2018 19:32:10 +0100

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in the burger menu there are superfluous things when it is related to our messages and comments. For example: what sense does it have to "edit the connection" in our messages? Or "poke"? Or "message"? I do not need to poke my person right? :)
we must simplify things, we have to clean this part.

@Hubzilla Support Forum+

cc @Mario Vavti
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after 4 hs I don't see my post (test post did in here in my clone ... this is also a test from elmussols now.

The delay problem is  a real problem now in hubzilla.
I use 4 or 5 different hubs (and  I have many channels/forums) and  I noticed delay for my posts,   but also for your all posts/comments ( 85% of my contacts in all my channels in all the 4/5 hubs) ARGH!
Communication/conversation is becoming problematic. :-(
One thing is to have delay with 4 or 5 contacts, another is to have the problem with the big majority.
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test from
I want to see the delay....
after 2 hs more than 50% is in queued :(
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Beni GrindBeni Grind wrote the following post Mon, 02 Apr 2018 11:35:19 +0100
That's why I love love sunny spring days... #skiing


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@Zot universe NEWS+

All updated mastodon instances use activitypub for federation between themselves and only use ostatus when federating to gnusocial instances. I'm not sure of the version where this switch happened, but instances not updated to that version would still use ostatus solely.
If I understand correctly activitypub is implemented by MediaGoblin....

My understanding is that:

    OStatus is a decentralized social networking protocol made up of several other protocols (Atom feeds, Activity Streams, PubSubHubbub, Salmon, and WebFinger)
        GNU Social and Mastodon are two server software applications that implement OStatus API is an interface to the server software (Activity Streams, OAuth, Web Host Metadata) is a instance (not accessible right now), GNU MediaGoblin is a server application that currently uses a pump-like API
    ActivityPub is a proposed decentralized social networking protocol
        GNU MediaGoblin is a server application that will likely implement ActivityPub

How do these protocols interoperate? Does ActivityPub completely replace OStatus, or only the Activity Streams component?
AFIAK Mediagoblin did have a GSOC 2017 goal for ActivityPub but it doesn't look like it was worked on as the Savanna git's federation branch was last committed to 22 months ago.

I've been hoping for some interaction with ActivityPub, but at least since they use PostgreSQL at the very least the database itself can store JSON in the same format ActivityPub sends
It's just a matter of someone coding it.
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Try to importing my channel in another hub.
The problem is that my "basic" json  is 2,3 mega and  I always had problem with importing json with more than 1,5 mega. happened now. I can not import  my json , this is just the basic json, not content, always I get "nada a importar" ...
What  can I do ? Am I destined to lose my old channel forever?

PS: In the same hub I  imported a json channel (just 300 kb.) with no problem.
@Hubzilla Support Forum+
We need to write more lines in "/uexport page" ( in the Export Channel part) @Andrew Manning @Mario Vavti @Mike Macgirvin 'cause is very very useful , lines about how/when/why to "split" also in this case

You can provide a comma separated list of sections to uexport and get a smaller json file. The default sections are channel,connections,config,apps,chatrooms,events,webpages,mail,wikis,choices

You will need channel and config and you'll probably want connections in the very first file. You can export other things later and import them after your channel has been created.  Just visit /import while logged into the channel and provide any additional files.
Is there a way to copy also the pictures to a clone? I thing this was asked already but can not find it. Is it possible by uexport or clicking "sync" for clones?
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Install the hzfiles addon and visit /hzfiles
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sorry, but I have no permission to respond to the post directly, so I take a part, which in any case, I think it is useful for everyone.
@Hubzilla Support Forum+

..even if the other network doesn't support it. If you only allow friends to comment on your posts (standard in our other privacy roles), anybody in the other network will still see a comment box and they can submit a comment (because their network allows this), but unless they are a friend of yours you will never receive it. This is unfortunate, but until these other networks actually give you control of your privacy, it is something we have to live with. by Mike

If I understand correctly, and knowing diaspora, if it is true that the comment can not arrive in our hub, it is still true that that whole pod of diaspora will see that comment, this means that in a pod with 100000 people, all of them will see that comment. So if one writes, in a comment, that you are a 'fucking tramp', all the inhabitants of that specific pod can read that comment, while you do not..and you do not even imagine that that person has offended you.
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Known issue. There was a hint that maybe it could be fixed in the future as it also affects federation of comments to Friendica (*) and may have the same ramifications in Diaspora if the post owner blocks comments from a comment author on a different site, but as far as I know nothing was ever done to fix it.

(*) If somebody else on your Friendica site comments on a Diaspora post, you won't ever see their comment in your stream.