Going Postal, or The Postman Always Shoot Twice.

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For those who need better interaction or #bridging between #Hubzilla and #email #communication channels (both individual and via mailing lists) we start an initiative to develop a mailing #plugin. Come and see:

Low and Appropriate Technology Channel at CNI Coop

So, we start a new information channel. "Low & #Appropriate Trusted TEchnology" aka L.A.T.TE feed.
It has three goals:
-- to create a place where hand-picked and curated #low-tech solutions will be presented, commented and discussed, outside of corporate media cage;
-- to bring more people to our #Hubzilla instance and eventually get them involved in our projects;
-- to increase visibility of our (micro)donation system, soon to be implemented online.
You can see the channel here: https://cni-coop.net/channel/cni-latte-feed, subscribe to RSS here: https://cni-coop.net/feed/cni-latte-feed or reach out across federated social media to add us: cni-latte-feed@cni-coop.net

Email connector soon!

We are also looking for people who want to help finding good sources of high quality inspirations and put some time into re-publishing content with meaningful comments. Such contribution would be highly appreciated and help us take the "CNI Coop Social center" off the ground.

#Liberatory #Hi-Tech channel to come soon (if this one succeeds)
The link to the channel does not work because of the comma following it. Here it comes again:

Thanks for the correction. Some editors prevent it -- i will be more careful now.
Community Network Infrastructure: general public forum

All things CNI:

We aim to compile, test and deploy standardized  solutions for independent communities. We aim to develop an inter-community model network, to support confederate approach. And we aim to build our cooperative community to be an exemplary member of such confederation.

Internally, we are trying to create a new standard for technology teams, going beyond the charity/volunteering/non-profit model. The goal is to create a sustainable long-term work-frame, letting tech people move permanently into the solidarity economy.
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Welcome to the new group "The Sad Story of Humans" https://ridderby.se/dav/sadhumans

In this group we reflect and discuss about the sad things humans do in our society.

It is not a hate-group. It is about understanding and documenting human society, perhaps there is another view of it?

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Food Channel
Do we have a Food Channel?  I just now created one because i could not find one in the directory, but I vaguely remember someone having one...

@Charles Roth MPC
@The Food Network+
if you do not have permission to write in this forum, warn me!

Sometimes updates unpack the permissions.
Hubzilla francophone

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new forum created Hubzilla francophone : it is hubzilla help for user and admin french speaking  language.


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My bro' ,
if you like TVseries and Tea  you need @TV series point  and @Camellia Sinensis Moment

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So now we have a new forum @Zot universe NEWS+

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a new forum in the hubzilla planet

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But how can you advertise the Hubzilla Forum Advertisement channel??

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If you follow this channel, you can find out what's the  last born forum, if you do not want to use the general directories to discover this...
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